Arsenal rivals and critics are RIGHT! But they WILL pay!

It has become like a national sport, knocking Arsenal in recent years. We have had to put up with a lot of disrespect from the media and TV pundits, while Arsene Wenger has had to answer stupid questions and keep his calm while idiots like Jose Mourinho and the Stoke fans completely fail to appreciate his ability and legacy.

And it shows no signs of stopping, even though the Gunners are showing real signs of getting back to our best. We will never know, of course, but I reckon that a few less injuries would have seen us crowned as champions last season. We did top the table for much longer than anyone else, after all, despite being constantly told that we were just lucky.

Why Wenger is wrong about Arsenal players in internationals!!

Arsene Wenger is a manager with his own way of doing and seeing things in the world of football. Those who keep an ear to the business of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger will probably have picked up on the fact that the boss doesn’t like international matches, especially friendlies.

He has proven this again by asking England manager Roy Hodgson not to play Jack Wilshere in the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers. Wenger does this nearly every time there is an international break and sometimes with other players. It’s fair to say that the national managers aren’t big fans of him for constantly complaining about his players fitness.

Arteta VS Gerrard and Lampard. Could The Spaniard Have Had A Chance?

Arsenal’s Arteta was delighted about the interest Fabio Capello and the rest of England’s national squad showed in capping him, but he won’t be able to play for the Lions because of FIFA rules unfortunately.

“If it was any other country I would have had to say no, but because it was that one I said I would have to think about it,” he said

“England has been really good to me professionally and personally. In the end I didn’t have to make a decision because I wasn’t allowed to play because of FIFA rules.