Does Arsenal Have Scoring Problems?

Arsenal’s latest addition Olivier Giroud had declared that missing the most important chance at goal in the game against Sunderland won’t be on his mind for too long, because he is certain to become a top scorer for the Gunners.

Giroud’s chance could have won the game for Arsenal, and it caused people to remain sad over the loss of Robin Van Persie.

The fact is that, we have to admit, both Podolski and Giroud played a good game. Their presence in the box, especially Giroud’s, were major for the Gunners and there’s no reason not to believe that the both of them will become top players for the club.

Wenger – Gervinho needs to relax himself

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is not frustrated with Gervinho’s misses, but thinks that the winger should try to be a bit more relaxed when he gets his chances, and then the goals will come. The newly transferred striker joined Arsenal this summer from Lille, and in the last few games he missed some very big opportunities to score a goal.

“The problem with Gervinho is that he’s in the opposite position to Robin van Persie. “

“He is desperate for a goal and once you are in that situation maybe you start to think about it too much. “