Arsenal deny that Jack Wilshere’s season is over

There were many articles yesterday saying that the Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere had suffered another stress fracture to his foot and was now unlikely to play again this season, but the official website is now saying that the setback is not as bad as most people think.

The statement on said: “The Club can confirm Jack Wilshere has a small stress fracture to his right foot, however it is not accurate to state he has been ruled out for the remainder of the season.

“The injury is in a different area to his previous surgery, and it will be reassessed in around two weeks time by our medical team and medical experts who have worked together throughout Jack’s recovery.

“This is a recognised complication of a complex rehabilitation process and, of critical importance, Jack’s initial injury is recovering well.”

Jack himself didn’t sound too downbeat when he tweeted practically the same message to his followers. He said: “I can confirm I have a stress fracture but it is not in the same area as my first injury which has healed very well which I am happy about.”

“I have developed a stress fracture in the Heel now and I don’t want to put any time scale on it as I do not know how long it will take…”

“I will update you more in a couple of weeks when I know more!”

Let’s all hope that they are right and it is not as bad as expected. Arsenal could certainly do with Jack right now!