England Euro 2016 place BIG morale boost for Arsenal star

Having not played for Arsenal since before the end of last season, the England international forward Danny Welbeck was very likely worried that he might not make it on to the plane for the Euro 2016 tournament this summer as his return from that knee injury kept being put back and put back.

And even though Welbeck has been playing and playing well for the Gunners since his return, the form of other English strikers like Vardy and Kane and the increased amount of options available to Roy Hodgson these days meant that the Arsenal man’s place was still under a lot of pressure.

So the news reported by the BBC that he will start against Germany tonight is a big morale boost for Welbeck as it not only shows the faith that the England boss has in him but all but guarantees his place at Euro 2016. The Three Lions are away to the tournament favourites Germany and so Hodgson has picked his strongest available XI and Welbeck is one of them.

To be fair he does have a very good scoring ratio at international level as well as all that he offers with his pace and work rate. Good news for Danny and if it helps his confidence it could be great news for Arsenal in the coming weeks and months.

Arsenal to ask for a favour from England over Welbeck?

Arsenal may be happy to have the international break coming up for a number of reasons but Arsene Wenger also has a problem coming up when the Arsenal players return from representing their various nations and so the Frenchman may have to ask a big favour of the England national coach Roy Hodgson over his use of Danny Welbeck.

While this international break sees fewer arsenal stars than usual heading off, due to the injury problems of Petr Cech, Aaron Ramsey, Jack Wilshere, Tomas Rosicky, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Santi Cazorla and the non-selection of players like Francis Coquelin and Nacho Monreal, we still have plenty of internationally involved players to worry about.

The biggest problem for the next Premier League game at home to Watford next Saturday is in the forward line, as both Alexis Sanchez and Joel Campbell are set to play World Cup qualifiers in South America in the early hours of Thursday morning.

That leaves us with Giroud, Welbeck, Walcott and Iwobi and we have been hearing that Welbeck has a problem playing two games in quick succession. No problem as long as England start him against Germany on Saturday and not use him much against Holland on the Tuesday, but will Wenger be able to get Roy Hodgson to play ball?

Former Arsenal star says new England role WRONG for Wilshere

Despite playing at the top level of football in England for years and winning a hatful of medals with Arsenal, including being a big part of the incredible invincibles season of 2003-04, Ray Parlour never managed to hold down a place with the England national team.

The 41-year old did win 10 international caps in a two year period but his one chance of playing in a tournament, Euro 2000, was wrecked by a knee injury and his England career fizzled out once Sven-Goran Eriksson took over from Kevin Keegan as England manager.

Parlour was a central midfielder but did come up with goals at times, most memorably his 30 yard FA cup final winner against Chelsea. He also incorrectly had one disallowed at international level, so he does know the role very well and should have played more for his country.

And on the subject of England, Parlour has spoken out against the new central midfield role being tried out with Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere. In a Daily Star report, the former Gunner says that Roy Hodgson is losing out on the best of Wilshere by playing him so deep, despite the praise that Jack has received for his performances in the last two games.

Parlour said, “I really believe his best position is more of an advanced midfielder.

“His game is best when he is doing those little one-twos around the penalty box.

“He knows exactly when to give it, he holds onto it enough and he does those driving runs forwards – I think that is Jack Wilshere at his best.

“I always think you’ve got to be playing on a regular basis in that regular position if you’re going to be playing for your country. Roy Hodgson has got to make a big decision.

“Certainly I believe Jack Wilshere’s position is more advanced and Roy will have to look into the further we get into the group and obviously in two years’ time in the European Championships.

“Who plays there, I don’t know. It is a situation where there is a big decision as to who play there, but at the moment I’d like Jack further forwards, around that penalty box, creating chances.”

Can Wilshere play different roles for club and country and if not, which one should he focus on?

Arsenal boss rubbishes reports of rift with England over Jack

The Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has today dismissed rumours created by the English media over his apparent displeasure with the FA in regards to over-playing Gunners star Jack Wilshere in the friendlies against Chile and Germany, claiming that the dynamic midfielder has suffered no injury whatsoever during the latest international break.

Reports from both the Daily Mirror and the Daily Mail had claimed earlier on that the 21-year-old had suffered an ankle injury after being on the receiving end of a challenge from Germany’s Sidney Sam shortly after coming on as a substitute, with both papers also reporting that Arsene Wenger was furious with England boss Roy Hodgson over the issue. However, the French manager stepped up to dismiss both rumours and set the records straight.

Speaking to Arsenal Player, Wenger said: “First of all Jack is not injured, that was not the right information. Secondly, I have no problem with the FA, they respected completely what they told me and it was [for Wilshere] to play in one game and be on the bench in the other. They did that very well. So there is no misunderstanding there. Exactly [they did what we agreed].”

With concerns over the fatigue of Welshman Aaron Ramsey also surfacing, the news would have been especially hard for the Arsenal fans to take, should it have been true. Thankfully, it just turns out to be a bit of exaggeration by the media over what seemed to be just a ‘knock’. Wilshere is understood to be fine and is expected to be involved when the Premier League’s surprise package Southampton visit the Emirates on Saturday.

There is more good news on the injury front for Arsenal as English winger Theo Walcott, who has been missing since the Gunners’ 2-1 win over Marseille, has fully recovered from an abdominal problem and is widely expected to start against his former club. Moreover, German forward Lukas Podolski has resumed training and should be available by December.

As expected, Per Mertesacker and Tomas Rosicky have both recovered from illness and will be available for selection once again. Finally, the injury list for Arsenal seems to be in a more managable condition. Let’s hope Arsene Wenger’s side can take advantage of improved squad depth and further tighten their grip at the top of the table.

Frustration for Arsenal as Wilshere STILL not fit

Arsenal starlet Jack Wilshere started his career off so brightly with the Gunners, walking onto the pitch as a 16 year old boy, and by the time he was 17 and 18 he was really beginning to pull his way into the Arsenal first team for recognition. By the time he was 19 he had established himself as one of Arsenal’s main players and everything seemed to revolve around him, until that simple injury occurred that ruled him out for so so long.

Wilshere was progressing so well, having just spent a half season on loan at Bolton, he returned to Arsenal and was a consistent top performer for the Gunners. However he was massively overplayed by Wenger, something Le Prof even holds his hands up to and many suggest it is because of the amount of times he played at such a young age, which has hampered him now in the long run.

The injury that was originally going to keep him out of action for just a week at the most, quickly turned into weeks, then months and in the end a total year. And although of course Wilshere has returned in flying colours, although not quite as innocent looking as before, he still doesn’t seem to have the edge that he did beforehand, the ability that ran the show in the 2-1 win over Barcelona and I think that’s largely down to fitness.

Even though it’s been well over two years since that injury occurred to Wilshere, it seems he is still struggling with the effects of it and the resulting surgery to this very day and because he is so important to the team, as well as being so young, it means Wenger is very cautious in using him and any potential knock is now solved with an immediate substitution in an act to end his injury torment.

Many have recognised that Wilshere doesn’t look up to scratch and are also pretty certain its due to a lack of fitness and with Wilshere away on international duty with England, Roy Hodgson took the opportunity to state that Wilshere was lacking with fitness.

Hodgson said: “Jack is still looking for full fitness. That is why we took him off in the second half. We certainly saw a much more effective Jack against Moldova, but he still did his work against Ukraine and, tactically, did all the things I asked of him.”

I’m sure it’s been a much more lengthy process than everyone wished, however it seems unlikely that it’s going to change so for now I’m not sure how Wilshere can build up his fitness without putting on such a strain. I suppose the real question should be is Wenger scared of using Jack Wilshere, because I know for a fact it’s not a comfortable sight for anyone when Jack Wilshere is clipped on the pitch.

Why Wenger is wrong about Arsenal players in internationals!!

Arsene Wenger is a manager with his own way of doing and seeing things in the world of football. Those who keep an ear to the business of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger will probably have picked up on the fact that the boss doesn’t like international matches, especially friendlies.

He has proven this again by asking England manager Roy Hodgson not to play Jack Wilshere in the upcoming World Cup Qualifiers. Wenger does this nearly every time there is an international break and sometimes with other players. It’s fair to say that the national managers aren’t big fans of him for constantly complaining about his players fitness.

Other clubs seem to have little problem with fitness so whatever’s going wrong is with Arsenal. The fitness training may not be up to standard compared to everybody else. Anyway the point I’m trying to make is that international matches are good for our players, especially the younger ones like Jack Wilshere who can still do some developing. Why you ask? Well it’s pretty obvious to be honest.

International matches are a very important part of development. These matches give players the chance to participate in some of the most competitive matches available in football. Playing with other top players from your country is important.

Wilshere for example benefits in the England squad because of the influences of Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard. I’m sorry to say but there are no two better people for him to learn from at Arsenal. These players are legendary midfielders, two of the best English players to have ever played. They have both won Champions League titles and been at the top of the footballing ladder. They have seen everything and won everything (not Gerrard).

Giving Wilshere time to adapt his game and learn from the two of them is good for him. Playing matches against other nations where the stakes are higher than ever is good. Playing in the biggest tournament in football, the World Cup is important.

All I can say to Wenger is leave international matches alone. They help our players not hinder them.

Arsenal have a new star and a leader in Walcott

This season has been an excellent one for Theo Walcott. He has produced some of his best performances since joining Arsenal from Southampton in 2006. He was not even 17-years old when he became a Gunner, but it was only this season that he really became a true Gunner.

His extra confidence and maturity has been evident since the start of the season, and that in turn has led to his best ever statistics of 21 goals and 17 assists. Considering that he had a few injury problems, as well as the distraction of his contract negotiations, Theo has done amazingly well to produce the impact that he has.

The 24-year old England international was probably the best player on the pitch for England on Wednesday, and there is talk that Roy Hodgson may give him a chance to repeat his role as a centre forward that he managed with some success for Arsenal this season. All this is just reward for his hard work and mature attitude, that he now wants to pass on to his Arsenal team mates.

“The amount of experience I’ve had from a young age, having to walk into the dressing room with the winners of the Premier League and the FA cup and be the only one, with Abou, who is still in that dressing room today(can help),” said Walcott.

“I can give my experience – to the other young players. If something’s not going well, I’ll try to help someone out. If things are going well, you just let them know that they are doing something well. I think that’s my role a little bit, and of course playing my best football on the park when I can.”

It sounds like Theo could make a good captain or vice-captain one day and, who knows, maybe he will. If he continues his form from this season into the next, and especially if he continues to mature and improve, his new contract will start to look like one of the best bits of business that Arsenal and Wenger have done for a while.

Was Jack Wilshere England’s Missing Piece?

Former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has admitted the fact that Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere’s absence was vital for England – who saw themselves knocked out by an Italy which the manager didn’t see as favorites.

Jack has been out for the whole season, and it seems that the Gunner will be back in due time for the start of next season, but Redknapp seems to think that he was the missing key from England’s Euro squad.

‘It was almost complete dominance, and to be fair, I didn’t see that coming. I didn’t particularly rate this Italy side.’

‘Don’t blame Roy Hodgson though, he did the best he could at Euro 2012 with limited time. We were hard to beat and well organised, but hopefully now he can change the way England play and that goes right back to the youth teams,’

‘It’s over to Roy now. He has four years to stamp his style on the national team and set-up.

‘And maybe with Wilshere to the fore and a few of the old guard around him he can do it.’

Arsene Wenger’s key element is about to return to the pitch soon, and with new additions like Podolski and Giroud, the Gunners will certainly look amazing next season.

Alex Chamberlain excited about playing under Hodgson’s tactics

The Arsenal winger Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is very happy with England’s new manager, Roy Hodgson. The player says that it is a positive thing that Hodgson is the team’s manager, as he allows attacking-minded players like Chamberlain express themselves.

In an interview for the Football Association’s website, Chamberlain said: “The manager is a really good man, he gets on really well with the boys and he has a little laugh but when it comes to doing his job he’s been brilliant so far with tactics.”

“He lets players like me who like to run at people express ourselves and he gives us the license to do that.

“So for someone like me who likes to go forward it’s exciting to have a manager who lets you do those things.

“There’s a lot of enthusiasm around the camp, everyone is trying to impress because there is a lot of competition for places.

“With the new manager coming in it feels like a fresh start – well it would do for me because it’s my first trip – but the boys seem like they’re really listening.

“He’s putting his points across to us, we’re taking them on board and putting them into the training sessions.”

“I’m not fussy about where I play, I’ll just do the best I can in any position,” he said.

“I was over the moon to make my debut in the first friendly and for the boys to win was a good start for us going into the tournament. Hopefully there are better things to come.

“It’s been a mad year for me all round and to get selected for the Euros was massive.

“I’m not too sure what to expect but it’s going to be exciting.

“When you’re a young lad you want to play in massive tournaments. I can’t wait.”

Euro 2012 is the first major tournament for the Arsenal youngster and he seems very excited to play. The 18 year old is not experienced at all for this kind of competition, but he might compensate this issue with his talent and “age-madness”. Will he manage to be an important England player for the Euro?

Chamberlain – From Arsenal massacre to England call-up in just nine months

The newest Arsenal star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain can’t believe his meteoric rise to an England call-up just nine months after making his debut for the Gunners in the 8-2 massacre against Man United.

He said: “I couldn’t imagine going from what happened at Old Trafford, which was totally embarrassing, to going to the Euros.

“I’d come on as sub when we were only 3-1 down — so you might blame it all on me! It’s something I never want to experience again.

“Now to get the call from the England manager is unbelievable. He told me I was being selected on merit and that he’d put me in the squad because he felt I could help the team.

“He mentioned that he’d seen me do well against AC Milan when I played in central midfield and that it was up to me to prove him right.

“Straight away that gave me a massive incentive to know you have a manager who believes in you and trusts you. It brought a big smile to my face.

“I’m going to do everything to show he was right to pick me.”

That sounds like Hodgson fancies him playing in the Rooney role, so perhaps he will get a chance to prove himself in an early game while Rooney is banned. Chamberlain has only made 15 starts for Arsenal in his career, but he could come back from the Euros as an England hero. Meteoric indeed!

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