Did Anybody Else Get Tired Of Wenger’s Injury Excuses?

It seems that Arsenal’s board are not looking to change things at the club despite the recent turn of events and the horrible losses that the Gunners registered in the last few days.

“We are committed to Arsene and we expect him to see out his contract.”

Arsenal’s manager is saying the same things he was saying one year ago and actually the same thing he keeps saying for the last 6 years. That the team has the quality but they’re unlucky and the injuries keep them from winning.

“We have what it takes at the club and we will add what it takes. But at the moment I believe we are not making plans for next season, we are making plans for the next game.

“I think we have what it takes at the club when everybody is available, because we had many missing and big, big players, too.

It is true that Arsenal have always been one of the teams which have many injuries but one would think that in 15 years you would get the idea and transfer more players just to be able to have quality backups. Or am I wrong?

Wenger Speaks About Mertesacker’s Injury.

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has admitted that Mertesacker’s injury is not a light one and that the Gunners will have to play without him for quite some time.

Mertesacker’s ankle injury is not the first he had at the same foot and so he’s been shipped out to Germany where the same doctor will be able to have a look at his foot and perhaps fix him up again.

According to Wenger, Per will be out for at least one month. Thankfully Gibbs was back just in time to allow Vermaelen to go back in the central position, so just as long as no other injuries occur in the defense the Frenchman is safe.

“Certainly in the next month he (Mertesacker) will not be with us.

“He had reconstruction of his ankle in Germany before he joined us, and the scan did not look too positive.”

Arsenal will have a tough schedule in the following days so this injury didn’t come at a good time for the Gunners if there’s ever such thing as a good time for an injury. The Gunners will have to make due without him against Milan in the Champions League double and against Sunderand in the cup for now. It remains to be seen how long is the German giant going to be unavailable.

Injury News Update. Are Gibbs, Djourou and Chamakh Ready?

The good news are continuing to pour on the Emirates Stadium as more and more players become ready to play for the Gunners.

After having to deal with massive squad problems for quite a long time, Wenger recovered most of his unavailable players a couple of weeks ago, and the follow-up is even better as the Gunners will finally be able to start a match with a left-back on the left side instead of a center-back.

Kieran Gibbs has resumed training and will now probably be available for the weekend game against Sunderland allowing club defensive star Thomas Vermaelen to finally play in the center after having to cover up for Gibbs and Santos on the left side.

Djourou is also back from injury, but that’s not too much of a big news for Wenger who already has the central positions packed, and with both Sagna and Gibbs now fit there’s no need to dispatch neither Vermaelen nor Koscielny on the wings.

Chamakh is back too as Morocco ended their run in the African Nations Cup after a very disappointment performance from both the national squad and the Arsenal striker, so if he wasn’t able to help his squad is unlikely he’ll do much for Arsenal in the rest of his time at the club before a very likely summer departure.

Is Wenger Paranoid Over Chamberlain Injury?

After what happened at the beginning of the season with club playmaker Jack Wilshere, manager Arsene Wenger is now afraid that the same thing might happen to new star Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain if he overuses the player and gives him more opportunities than he can take.

“That is what happened to us last year with Wilshere, it was exactly the same.”

“At the start of the season you think: ‘I will play him 20 games, maybe 25’, but after they deliver a performance, they play 45 and then they play for the national team and then they get injured.

“It is very difficult to manage because people understand very quickly what kind of influence the players have and you want to win the game so you play them.”

“I don’t know where I have seen it, but 70% of the players who play very early in many, many games have stress fractures. In England the intensity of a game is higher.”

Wenger is right about this. Chamberlain is a kid and he’ll always try to impress even if that means not to stop when he feels he’s hurt or he can’t  do it anymore and that kind of pushing over the limit, even though it’s supposed to be praised, exposes the player to massive injuries which can even end his career. But isn’t Wenger now a bit paranoid about this after the incident with Wilshere? Should he really worry this much?

Jack Wilshere Injury News Update – Things Are Not So Grim

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger declared that Wilshere’s season with the Gunners is not over, despite the setback suffered by the young midfielder.

According to the Frenchman, Jack can still be back in time to play with England at the EURO’s, but not as soon as February. The manager thinks it will take at least another 6 weeks until he’ll be ready to play again.

“I feel for him and, of course, he wants to be in the big tournaments,” said Wenger. “I believe as well, he wants to play for Arsenal. He grew up here.

“Who would want to do that (write off his season)? I don’t want to and he doesn’t want to. But there is no reason either, if he is fit. If we have good news and he can move on, why should we do it?

“I am really disappointed for him as well, because he is a football animal. I am so sad that, at that age, you have to be out for such a long time with not any obvious reason.

“If you had have told me that Jack would not have played one game by February I would have said, ‘That’s impossible.'”

It’s impossible to play at the end of February,” added the Frenchman. “Even if we have some good news, I would say that’s impossible.

“From day one, when you are completely fit to practice again, to be match fit you count at least six weeks.

“A stress fracture is a stress fracture. The repetition of the impact on the ankle was too much. They tell me that 70 per cent of players between 17 and 20 have stress fractures.

“We push them hard. You want them to be completely at the top when they come back because the intensity of the game is so high that a guy who is not tuned in completely cannot come in and perform.

“The physical requests are so high so the rehab is much harder than when I played certainly.”

Wilshere declared on his personal Twitter account:

“It is true I have had a set back I can’t tell you how long I have been set back because I don’t know! I am very annoyed but will stay strong.”

It’s a shame that a player as good as Wilshere has to go through this, but if he’s going to come back at the beginning of March he still has time to both help the club and return to full form so he can be called up at the national squad for the Euros.

Arsenal Injury List Update. Gibbs Out!

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger didn’t have good news ahead of the Aston Villa match as it seems that full-back Kieran Gibbs will be unavailable for a bit longer even though he was previously expected to come back before the weekend.

“Kieran Gibbs has unfortunately had a setback and he is not back yet,” Wenger told the club’s official website.

“It’s very disappointing because we had good hope that he would be back for tomorrow’s game, but he is not available.”

“Ryo is joining in normal training on Friday, so he is completely back from injury,” said Wenger.

“Fabianski has practised today (Tuesday) and should be available for next week.”

Ryo and Fabianski were not part of Wenger’s plan, but Gibbs’ absence will surely prove problematic again for Wenger who will have to play with 4 centre-backs again and this time he can’t even count on Djourou to play.

The manager is likely to use Mikel or Squillaci on the left side of the defence and Koscielny on the right, but if he won’t make any transfers in January for the full-back position Arsenal will have a very tough road ahead.