Will Jack Wilshere find another club?

The downfall of Jack Wilshere, can it get any worse?

From the potential to become an Arsenal legend to running about in a park to maintain fitness, the latest decline of Jack Wilshere’s career has taken a big hit!

As playing time and injuries were impacting him greatly in maintaining a place at the club, Arsenal let him go after ten years at the club from 2008-2018 where he spent the 2010 season and the 2016/17 seasons on loan at Bolton and Bournemouth.

Was Jack Wilshere England’s Missing Piece?

Former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has admitted the fact that Arsenal’s Jack Wilshere’s absence was vital for England – who saw themselves knocked out by an Italy which the manager didn’t see as favorites.

Jack has been out for the whole season, and it seems that the Gunner will be back in due time for the start of next season, but Redknapp seems to think that he was the missing key from England’s Euro squad.

‘It was almost complete dominance, and to be fair, I didn’t see that coming. I didn’t particularly rate this Italy side.’

Injury News Update. Wilshere Coming Back Soon?

Arsene Wenger keeps receiving good injury news lately, and it seems that Arsenal is close to recovering perhaps the most important player in the team except for Robin Van Persie as team playmaker Jack Wilshere’s injury is progressing brilliantly.

Despite having to delay his expected comeback, which was by the start of February, due to another stress fracture suffered at the same ankle, Jack is now on the road to recovery and he wants to be back in maximum 6 weeks in full swing for Arsenal.

Wilshere Huge Setback Confirmed. What Will Arsenal Do For The Rest Of The Season?

Arsenal’s official website confirmed that Gunner star Jack Wilshere will still be out for now and that he suffered somewhat of a big stepback.

According to the website, Jack is now suffering from another stress fracture and is due to be sidelined, but won’t be out for the rest of the season as previously rumoured.

“The club can confirm Jack Wilshere has a small stress fracture to his right foot, however it is not accurate to state he has been ruled out for the remainder of the season,” read a statement released on the club’s official website.

Wenger Says Jack Wilshere’s Injury is “Better Than Expected”

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger is hopeful that Jack Wilshere’s situation is not a harsh one, declaring that it’s already better than expected, and that the attacking midfielder might not have such a big setback as Arsenal’s medical staff first thought.

Following the win against Villa Wenger spoke about Wilshere’s situation. The youngster was in the stands watching the match and seemed delighted of the turnaround by the Gunners.

“We have no real news yet. The first news we have had is better than expected. He is not in a boot, but I don’t know more,” said the Arsenal boss.

Jack Wilshere Injury News Update – Things Are Not So Grim

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger declared that Wilshere’s season with the Gunners is not over, despite the setback suffered by the young midfielder.

According to the Frenchman, Jack can still be back in time to play with England at the EURO’s, but not as soon as February. The manager thinks it will take at least another 6 weeks until he’ll be ready to play again.

“I feel for him and, of course, he wants to be in the big tournaments,” said Wenger. “I believe as well, he wants to play for Arsenal. He grew up here.

Arsenal’s Wilshere Accused Of Betting On The Olympiakos Match

Arsenal’s injured midfielder Jack Wilshere is under heat after he supposedly placed a bet on the Gunner’s clear defeat against Olympiakos Piraeus in the Champions League group stage.

Wilshere posted before the game on his Twitter page that he would risk a wager on Frimpong to score

‘Champions league tonight come on the Arsenal! @Frimpong26AFC 1st goal is 150-1… worth a cheeky £10 right?’

After the midfielder nearly missed the target Jack Tweeted again:

‘Frimmy nearly won me some money there!’

An UEFA spokesperson reacted to this just to remind Jack which are UEFA’s regulations:

Wenger – Wilshere will be back from injury soon hopefully

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger spoke about England’s chances against France in the EURO 2012 group and also underlined the fact that the Lions need as much help they can get and that means having most of the players available.

The Frenchman also underlined the importance of Jack Wilshere and the fact that even if he gets back in form nobody can promise he’ll be good enough to go at the European with England.

“If all the players are available it is difficult to predict,” he added. “England have a disadvantage as they do not have [Wayne] Rooney, who is not only a good player but gives confidence in the dressing room.”

Jack Wilshere picks on Tottenham’s fans

Arsenal’s injured midfielder Jack Wilshere seems so bored about not being able to play and give Wenger a helping hand that he started to pick on Tottenham’s fans on Twitter. The 19-year-old placed a £3000 bet with Spurs’ supporters that Arsenal will finish above the White Hart Lane side.

“All Spurs fans buzzing that they are ahead of us in the league (for once). It’s a marathon, not a sprint!”, said Wilshere

“I tell you what at the end of the season if Spurs finish above Arsenal I will give £3000 to charity.”