Wenger – Boo my decisions but don’t question my love for Arsenal

Arsenal fans made it quite clear last week that they were unhappy with Arsene Wenger’s decision to take of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and the Frenchman accepts the right of paying customers to let their feelings be known.

But he doesn’t understand how any confirmed Arsenal supporter could question his “committment and dedication” to the team he loves. Last weeks crowd at the Emirates let their frustration spill out, but Wenger thinks today’s performance helped calm the situation.

Wenger said: “I felt they were quite positive compared to last time. Maybe because we’re just coming out of a bad period.

Oxlade-Chamberlain defends Wenger’s decision-making

I have never seen such anger from Arsenal Blogs and fans directed at Arsene Wenger before (although he has made bad substitutions for years!).

Few people can understand why he replaced Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain with Andrei Arshavin yesterday, which could be directly surmised as the reason why Arsenal lost the game, but the youngster himself still supports Wenger’s decision.

“It’s the boss’ decision at the end of the day,” Oxlade-Chamberlain said. “He is the boss and he’s a top quality manager, you’ve seen how many years he’s been at Arsenal and all the great decisions he’s made, so whatever the decision is I will respect him.