Debate – Arsenal’s next manager?

When Wenger leaves, who should take over at Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger’s name is respected throughout the whole of the footballing world. The legacy he has left as being Arsenal’s longest serving manager is second to none. He is also currently the longest serving premier league manager, amassing more than 1000 games for the club. Arsene is always seen as the Professor. His knowledge about the game and dedication to building for the future has left Arsenal to become one of the most successful footballing models in all of world football today. However, we all know Arsene will not stay at Arsenal forever. He has to leave eventually, whether it is to another club or retiring from being a manager. This will leave a huge void for the gunners to fill. Who should take over the gunners when Arsene is done?

De Boer: Vertonghen has seen the light!

It has now become clear that Ajax’s defensive star Jan Vertonghen will leave the Eredivisie in the summer, after he has consistently expressed his interest in joining the Premier League.

Ajax’s manager Frank De Boer admits that it will be hard to lose Vertonghen who is now one of the most wanted players on Wenger’s shortlist. According to the Dutchman it will be very hard to replace the Belgian international, but it’s the right move for him.

“Jan has seen the light,” said De Boer. “Not only on the pitch, but away from it.

Martin O’Neill – Wenger doesn’t like me but he is still Arsenal’s greatest ever manager!

The Sunderland manager Martin O’Neill thinks that his team can heap more misery on Arsene Wenger and Arsenal by knocking the Gunners out of the FA Cup today, but he doesn’t understand the stick that Wenger is getting from the TV pundits and Arsenal fans.

“I’m not here to defend Arsène Wenger. He doesn’t need defending by me, who isn’t his favourite character,” O’Neill said. “Very little surprises me in the game now but I am surprised at the criticism surrounding him. His influence on English football has been immense.

Wenger MUST win a trophy this season or gain unwanted all-time record!

Arsenal fans are obviously not very happy that the Gunners haven’t won a trophy since Arsene Wenger’s super-successful first seven years in charge of the club.

In those early years Wenger broke many records and ended up as Arsenal’s most succesful manager ever, including the incredible Invincibles season, but now after another seven years he is in serious danger of becoming Arsenal’s least successful manager as well!

Many, many years ago (between 1908 and 1915 in fact) there was an Arsenal manager called George Morrell who managed to set a record of being in charge for 7 years and 75 days without winning a trophy of any kind.

Henry Wants Wenger’s Spot At Arsenal

Arsenal legendary striker Thierry Henry declared that his dream is to be Arsenal’s manager one day after Frenchman Arsene Wenger will decide to retire.

This would be a great thing because Henry will surely take Wenger’s legacy further and continue with the same mentality in order to keep Arsenal the unique club it is today.

“One day, but when is he (Wenger) going to stop?”, Henry said

“I’ve said, and I’ll always say, ‘once a Gooner, always a Gooner’. Every time I can, I always watch Arsenal. I’m in pain when Arsenal lose, I can’t take it well.”

Wenger:”England are outsiders for Euro 2012”

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger said in the last conference press before the game against Sunderland that England’s national team has no chance in winning the Euro 2012, and that they would be better off with an English manager leading them towards European glory.

“Harry Redknapp is a candidate, he is English, he is ready, he is happy to do it and you [the media] have already chosen him, so don’t doubt it too much!”

“I always told you that for me the national team needs an English manager and I will never change that view for one minute.”