Wenger – The pitch was awful, and so were Arsenal!

Arsene Wenger hardly even bothered to make excuses for last night’s humiliation by AC Milan in last night’s Champions League match. There is little hope of Arsenal coming back from the 4-0 defeat and Wenger is obviously worried about getting the players back into a confident mood ahead of this weekends FA Cup match at Sunderland.

Wenger said: “The pitch was a disaster, but our performance was at the level of the pitch. It was a shocking result and a shocking performance. It’s a night never to forget. It was our worst night in Europe. We made mistake after mistake and were punished, and deservedly so.

Wow! Wenger admits the Arsenal defence made mistakes!

Shock horror! Can you believe that Arsene Wenger has actually admitted that the Arsenal players were at fault for allowing Swansea to come back twice to beat the Gunners today?

Normally he would wheel out the complaints about the referee or blame tiredness due to the (fixed) fixture list, but with very little option but to face the facts, he has actually told the truth for a change.

Of course he had to mention that Swansea shouldn’t have had a penalty but listen to what he said after that: “I still don’t understand where the referee found the penalty (for Swansea’s equaliser), then we defensively made some mistakes that we should not have done.

Wenger – We just focused on not making a mistake at the back!

Arsenal made hard work of beating the newly-promoted QPR yesterday but finally managed it thanks to Robin Van Persie’s record breaking goal and the team gave Arsene Wenger something to smile about after the game.

He was especially pleased that the Gunners kept a clean sheet, and even more so because Chelsea, Tottenham and Man United all made slip-ups. “Yes, many teams dropped points.” Wenger said. “For us, it was a bit of a repetition of the Wolves game because we didn’t manage to score more than one goal. Then it’s down to not making a mistake at the back and we had to be patient to take our chances. I feel when the repetition of the games is so high, you can’t make a difference with the pace of the game, you have to take your time and focus on not making a mistake. That’s what we did quite well, and Robin van Persie again scored the goal that won us the points.