Wenger – Van Persie’s talent is in the way he moves…..

Arsene Wenger saw the Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie score his 29th goal of the season in the 5-2 win over Tottenham and hailed the Dutchman as being one of the very best he has ever seen, and he has seen A LOT of good players over the years!

“I think he has an exceptional technique, I mean really exceptional,” Wenger said. “I have seen many great players over 30 years but Robin van Persie’s first touch is just exceptional.

“After that he has the qualities of left-footed players; they are very quick to finish, have great movement in the box and are very intelligent.

“When you look at great players, they are on the move and everybody else stands and watches the ball. That is the difference. They look like they attack the ball all the time but in fact it is because they anticipate a lot and they are a little bit ahead of the other players.

“It is a bit like rebounds in basketball, it is always the same players who catch the ball. In football you always have the same players like that – Robert Pires, for example, was fantastic like that. When you analysed him he was always moving when others were standing and Robin has that quality too.

“It’s not the way you finish, it’s the way you move that gets you into the position.”

So now we know! But I think the way Van Persie finishes may also be a factor in why he is such a brilliant player. Robin has everything…..