Sunderland v Arsenal preview and betting prediction

Arsenal make the long trip north to the Stadium of Light to take on Sunderland on Saturday, and will be looking to return with all three points.

The odds on Arsenal winning the game are not huge, but the form of the two sides only points to one possible result.

The Gunners come into the match having eight of their last nine matches in all competitions, with Middlesbrough the only team to come away with a spirited draw.

Sunderland come into the match in disgraceful form on the other hand, with two draws and seven losses from their nine league matches this term, picking up only one point from their four home matches.

Wenger pinning Arsenal title hopes on manager changes elsewhere

Instead of making himself useful on the transfer front by outlining some players and getting the job done, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has once again decided to talk to the media about Arsenal’s league chances for the upcoming season.

Before we indulge into the quotes from Le Prof, can we all be serious for a second and ask ourselves if we genuinely think Wenger is being completely serious when he says we can be challengers for the league? Because to me it’s as if he hasn’t noticed that our rivals have strengthened, whilst we have failed to add to a team that was PROMISED to have a new look come the kick-off of the season. It just doesn’t all add up to me, but as baffled as we all are, Wenger is sure to make you consider your support of him even more with his latest quotes.

Where do Arsenal go instead of Rooney?

Although it was always unlikely that Wayne Rooney would make the same transfer between rivals that Robin Van Persie did last year, the England striker who is reported to be extremely unhappy at Manchester United, seems to be almost certain that he won’t be swapping Manchester for London and Arsenal.

Throughout the summer, Arsenal have been consistently linked with Rooney after it was reported he had handed in a transfer request to leave the Premier League Champions. He was then denied the chance to have his request accepted and so to an extent this made him ever more eager to leave, not to mention the fact that David Moyes was announced as the new United manager.

Spanish star adds to Arsenal ambitions and confidence

Arsenal are gaining a real confidence boost this summer, with so many players coming out and stating the club’s ambition and the players’ own respective desires for the team to achieve greater things next season. We have already seen the likes of Theo Walcott and Aaron Ramsey come out and state their desires to regain glory at Arsenal after experiencing so many years of trophy hurt.

We have also seen last year’s summer signings Olivier Giroud and now Santi Cazorla tell their tales of Arsenal’s ambitious wishes. We know Cazorla isn’t lacking of confidence on the pitch and by the sound of his words he is confident off it as well, with the Spanish magician firmly believing Arsenal can improve and achieve greater things next year.

Is Fellaini the reason Arsenal have not signed a DM?

Reports are flying around that Arsenal have placed a £22m bid for Everton’s Belgium international, Marouane Fellaini. The bid is said to have been tabled on Wednesday, just about the time Everton were announcing the appointment of their new manager, Roberto Martinez.

It’s widely known that Fellaini has a get-out clause in his contract that can be activated at £22m by a top four club – the Belgian has always been clear about wanting to play in the Champions League.