Wenger – Aaron Ramsey is just going through a bad patch! Really???

The young Welsh captain Aaron Ramsey came back from a horrific injury last year and all Arsenal fans feel sorry for the way his development was so cruelly interrupted, but his performances this season have simply highlighted his need for some psychological training to regain his former confidence.

I fully understand Arsene Wenger thinking that the Arsenal midfielder needs some game-time to help him regain his former glory, but I question why Wenger continues to put him in the starting line-up in games that are simply must-win games for the Gunners.

Theo Walcott admits he has been out of form but vows to improve

The Arsenal winger Theo Walcott has been roundly criticised by the Arsenal fans lately for being mostly anonymous as the Gunners lost three League games in a row, and he says he doesn’t need the fans to tell him when the quality of his play drops as he knows it himself.

He said: “I just want to play my game and show people what I can do,”

“I am the best judge of my performance, not anyone else. I wasn’t happy with my last few games but hopefully now I can try to get back to a level I should be at.