Arsene Wenger full of praise for Wolves manager Mick McCarthy

Arsene Wenger is preparing the Gunners to face Wolves tomorrow at the Emirates, and he was full of praise for the manager of Arsenal’s opponents, Mick McCarthy, for his coolness under pressure.

“Mick McCarthy is doing miracles at Wolves,” Wenger said. “He’s always ready for a fight, never gives up, keeps his steadiness and mental strength, never shows any strain. Its great what he does for his club. I believe they play extremely good football as well.

“It demands special strength from the manager to fight until the last day with the uncertainty sometimes whether you will stay up. A manager needs to be cool-blooded, strong, resilient and Mick McCarthy has all of these qualities.”

Mertesacker Praises The Defence. Should They Really Be Praised?

Arsenal’s central defender Per Mertesacker was satisfied by the way the defence handled the job in the Aston Villa match saying that they did a great job to stop Villa’s dangerous chances, but should Villa have had so many dangerous occasions to score?

“We felt the pressure because of the bad game against Man City [on Sunday] but we have now won away from home again,” said Mertesacker.

“We were under pressure but we found a good solution with the first goal. We created some good chances but not as much as we thought at the beginning as Villa were always quick. Gabriel Agbonlahor was in some good situations [to score] but defensively we did a good job.