Wenger – Van Persie was exceptional

Arsenal’s boss Arsene Wenger spoke after the 2-1 win The Gunners succeeded in getting against Sunderland about the importance that scorer and captain Robin Van Persie has within the team. The Dutch was the scorer of both goals which lead to Arsenal’s win.

“Well, he scored two goals. I think you have to analyse the game a little bit to see how important he is. The first goal was a good display of the team and the second chance he made the difference just because of his skill, which was exceptional.”, said Wenger

Wenger – I’m happy with what I see from Per.

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger praised his new transfer Per Mertesacker for the performances he had lately and for the way he is getting used to the English Premier League. The German centre-back was accustomed with slower games and much slower opponents, and that’s why playing in the Premier League is hard for him. He must adapt to the speed and pace of the game and it’s not easy for a tall footballer like him.

“He adapts quite well, he is getting more aggressive,” said the manager. “I like him personally, I think he is a very intelligent player and he will be a big asset for us.”