Wenger – Arsenal are enjoying the pressure!

Arsenal have fought back from a seven-point deficit behind Tottenham to end up going into the final match of the season with a one-point advantage, needing just one more win to secure their accustomed place in the Champions League next season.

Obviously they are under extreme pressure to get another three points at Newcastle this afternoon, but Wenger is happy to be in this position especially if you consider the alternative!

“The pressure is big, of course,” said Wenger. “But I always said the worst, in my job, is to play games without any pressure.

Wenger – We can cope with the pressure and we HAVE to win

Arsene Wenger is trying hard to sound as relaxed as possible ahead of Arsenal’s crucial last game against West Bromwich Albion at the Hawthorns, and is seemingly confident that the Gunners can soak up the pressure and get all three points to make sure they finish third in the Premiership.

Wenger said: “Before this game, we are in a fantastic position and, if we win, we don’t need to look at anything else. We want to finish third.

“For long periods this season our fate has not been in our own hands, but it is now. We have to look at this final match as an opportunity, and one we have to take.

Do Arsenal only play when under pressure?

Arsene Wenger was a bit overconfident in his pre-Wigan statements saying that he feels like he already won. That’s not a bad thing but not entirely a good one either. The players need to be more focused and motivated than they were against Fulham last week, and judging by the last few years Arsenal seems to react better when they are under pressure.

“I believe we have won already at Wigan, and that is what we want to achieve again. We were a bit under pressure last time to win, but Charles N’Zogbia was always on fire against us.”, said Wenger