Wenger Admits Important Transfer Market Activity

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger spoke at the press conference about what people should expect from this year’s summer transfer window, and according to him there’s quite a bit to look up to.

The Frenchman snubbed rumours which were saying that the Gunners are going to be highly active on the transfer market saying that they don’t need a lot of players, because they currently have a large number of quality players and the squad can only hold 25 players.

Wenger – We Have The Quality To Believe We Can Do It

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger refuses to give up the chase for a Champions League qualification saying that even if the Gunners have a very small chance they have to believe in it and make the most of it.

Arsene Wenger’s players proved they have what it takes to make spectacular comebacks against Liverpool and Tottenham in the last two games, but we also have to admit that the defensive part of the team wasn’t as good as it should have been, and Milan will take advantage of those errors if they will occur again.