Wenger wants changes to clean up football (and ban Balotelli!)

Arsene Wenger was amazed that Mario Balotelli got away with the stamp on Arsenal’s Alex Song, simply because the referee says that he saw the incident but didn’t judge it so harshly at first viewing. But Wenger believes that should be a separate “ethics committee” looking at incidents like this, and over-ruling referees when neccessary.

“What you want is a system that is fair and a system that does justice for football,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com. “There are a lot of things that work very, very well but my main concern is that there is friction between the authority of the referee and justice in football.

Is Arsenal Being Targeted By Referees? Wenger Thinks So!

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger seems to be very frustrated about the fact that he thinks Arsenal is being targeted by the referees who keep disadvantaging them. According to the Frenchman the late few decisions which didn’t go the correct way caused the club’s weak late form.

“I think if one team has been done badly recently it’s Arsenal,” said Wenger, “and I don’t want to speak too much about that.”

But he did:

“We were a bit unlucky with some decisions lately. Against Fulham, against Swansea, because we got the penalty [against us in the Swansea match] and God knows where it came from. It was just a good dive, and I said that after the game.