Arsenal’s top FIVE January transfer targets

January Transfer Targets for Arsene to consider

Arsene Wenger and the transfer market is a topic upon which virtually every football fan in the UK has a detailed and strongly held opinion. You don’t even have to support Arsenal to care either, since the fascination of the situation rests upon what are either Wenger’s principles (‘I’ll only sign fresh raw talent and mould it to play the Arsenal way’) or his stubbornness (‘Sign a proven striker? Where’s the challenge in that?’). It’s an opinion which is divided even amongst Gunners fans themselves, with some trusting Arsene to go out and unearth the next Thierry Henry we haven’t heard of yet, whilst others are still scanning the horizon hopefully, looking for a sign of that private jet carrying Karim Benzema.

The Serie A star Arsenal will sign in January transfer window

It is being reported that Arsenal are planning to surprise us all and actually sign an outfield player this season. After being the only club from the top division of the five best leagues in Europe, perhaps Arsene Wenger has realised that his belief in the current Gunners squad may have been just a little too strong.

And with Arsenal having let in five goals in our last three games, it is hardly surprising to see The Independent reporting that the manager is looking to sign a defender in the January transfer window.

Arsenal turn to Italy for defensive transfer

Arsenal fans are still eagerly waiting to see in which positions in the Arsenal squad, if any, are going to be boosted by a signing or two in the summer transfer window. Many of us want a new centre forward but there are still plenty that feel are sorted when it comes to creating and scoring goals and that it is the other end of the pitch that needs help.

The manager clearly agreed or he would not have signed Petr Cech from Chelsea and while Wenger has suggested that the 33-year old’s experience and organisational skills will help the Arsenal defenders, we have still got room to bring in a new player or two.