The Arsenal legend that won EVERYTHING

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry hangs up his boots

The word ‘legend’ is a superlative that is often overused in the modern day world, but in Thierry Henry’s case, there is every reason to rightly acclaim one of the best strikers in football history. Tributes continue to flood in for the 37-year-old who has decided to retire after an illustrious 20-year career in which he shone for Monaco, Juventus, Barcelona and the New York Red Bulls.

Thierry Henry – Arsenal legend and Premier League Record-Breaker

Premier League legend Thierry Henry has announced his retirement from football at the age of 37 after 20 years at the top of the game.

Henry began his career at French club AS Monaco under the guidance of Arsene Wenger where he formed a strong partnership with David Trezeguet. In 1997 the striker was named Young Player of the Year. During his five seasons at Monaco Henry scored 28 goals in 141 appearances.

In 1999, Juventus paid Monaco £10.5m for his services. Henry’s time in Italy was short lived and after just 8 months the Frenchman moved to London with Arsenal paying Juventus a reported £11m, which reuniting Henry with his former manager, Arsene Wenger.

Thierry Henry – Wenger loves the Arsenal players so much…..

The Arsenal legend Thierry Henry seems to think that manager Arsene Wenger is one of the best managers in the world, and that his skills are enhanced by the way he treats his players and by the fact that he cares about the players.

“He makes you believe in yourself,” Henry told The Independent.

“He will let you be what you want to be. And obviously at times he has to be hard. That’s him, he will make you aware of your abilities and make sure you take care of it and take advantage of it.”

Wenger – Henry Doesn’t Want To Go

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger seems to despise the fact that club legend Thierry Henry will have to leave the club after a very successful second spell at the club.

The man who has a statue in front of the club doesn’t want to leave Arsenal for now according to the French manager, but he still has to go back in America to join his club New York Red Bulls.

“He would like to stay, but he wants to be loyal to New York.”, said Wenger.

Henry Wants To Stay As He Targets Tottenham

After only a short period of time at Arsenal, club legend Thierry Henry doesn’t want to leave anymore and he already eyed the clash with Tottenham and wants to participate in the event which will occur at the end of February, after the date when he should report back to MLS side NY Red Bulls.

“It would be a dream to be part of a team playing against Tottenham. It all depends on what the boss decides on how long I am going to stay.

“Don’t forget I am very much a New York player and being captain I have some duties to respect.

Wenger Found The Best Way To Score Against Milan

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger wants to go all out on Thierry Henry and make the most of the two months the French striker has to spend on the Emirates Stadium before returning to MLS side NY Red Bulls.

The French manager is going to use Henry in the Champions League as well and has already made plans to add him to the Champions League squad.

“Yes, he will be [in the squad],” said the Frenchman. “I have given Vito Mannone out on loan to Hull and Thierry will take his place.

Will Arsenal’s Deal For Henry Get Snubbed?

Arsenal’s deal with MLS side NY Red Bulls for former glory Thierry Henry has now hit a snag after the two teams could not yet agree on the specific date when the star striker must return to America and leave the Gunners once again.

Henry is due to stay with the Gunners for 2 months time and then return to America, but the two clubs don’t seem to agree on the exact day when the star should arrive in New York.

Wenger – A Short-Term Henry Signing Would Be Ideal

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger offered a shocking statement saying that even though club legend Thierry Henry is now quite old, he might be in for a return to the Emirates stadium where he made so many people happy with his incredible goals.

“That’s why I have Christmas Day off – I have to think about that (Henry). Short-term is ideal for us, but I haven’t made any enquiry yet. Thierry is not here at the moment.

“The 1st of January is the vital date for us. We have seven days to make decisions and I will make a decision in the next seven days on players.

Can Henry Be A Part Of Arsenal’s First Team Again?

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger seems to think that club legendary striker Thierry Henry would still be able to play in the Premiership with no problem, but the Frenchman says that he hasn’t yet thought about the possibility of bringing him back.

Henry has been training with Arsenal for the last month and will continue to do so until the MLS will start again and he will have to join his club New York Red Bulls.

“At the moment, Thierry Henry just practices with us. I haven’t even investigated that.

Wenger – I Would Say No To An Henry Return

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger declared that even though Henry is a club legend and Anelka was important for Arsenal at a certain point, there’s no way either of the two would have the chance to play for the Gunners again at their advanced age.

“As for Nicolas Anelka and Thierry Henry, I would say ‘No’.

“I am told Anelka has signed for a club in Shanghai and Henry goes to a training camp with New York Red Bulls on 15th January.”