Wilshere Wins Bet With Tottenham Fans. Pay Up Spuds!

Back in November, when Tottenham was thriving and had just defeated the Gunners, English wonderkid Jack Wilshere placed a bet with the Spurs’ fans on who would finish on top at the end of the season.

Jack Wilshere made this pledge on Twitter: “All Spurs fans are buzzing they are ahead of us in the league,”he wrote. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

“At the end of the season if Spurs finish above Arsenal I will give 3,000 pounds to charity and if Arsenal finish above Spurs every Spurs fan that follows me must send me a pound which I will send to charity.”

Now that the season is over and Arsenal are on the third place, while Tottenham, from the fourth place, still have to wait to see whether Chelsea wins the Champions League or not. This means that Tottenham’s fans will all have to put a quid in a fund and give the money to charity.

But Arsenal only secured the position above Spurs yeaterday. After the final game of the season, Wenger declared: “I don’t know if this is one of my best seasons, I leave that to you. I am very proud of this season because we were not only tested on the football front – which as a Club we are used to – but on our mental solidity, unity and solidarity within. We were deeply tested, we did not show any weakness, kept united and in the end came back. It is a good lesson for everybody. At some stages everybody was wondering what we were doing.”

Now the Gunners have to regroup, make a few transfers and start the season over next autumn with fresh dreams and if possible some fresh faces. Looking at the two Manchester clubs, Podolski’s transfer won’t be enough to change Arsenal into a trophy-winning team, so Wenger would better have a good plan to improve the squad this summer.

Wenger – We can cope with the pressure and we HAVE to win

Arsene Wenger is trying hard to sound as relaxed as possible ahead of Arsenal’s crucial last game against West Bromwich Albion at the Hawthorns, and is seemingly confident that the Gunners can soak up the pressure and get all three points to make sure they finish third in the Premiership.

Wenger said: “Before this game, we are in a fantastic position and, if we win, we don’t need to look at anything else. We want to finish third.

“For long periods this season our fate has not been in our own hands, but it is now. We have to look at this final match as an opportunity, and one we have to take.

“I feel we are focused, switched on and I’m confident we’ll do well. For us it is just to find the right mixture – to be focused, combative and relaxed, and especially be faithful to play our football like we want to.

“We have known final days like this before, games where we’ve been playing for titles, or to qualify for the Champions League. We are used to coping with that.

“If we have more of the ball than West Brom, like we want to have, we will have more chances to win the game. That is what we will focus on. Just be faithful to the way we want to play football.”

“Three months ago, everybody would have been happy to be going into the final game with this situation. The Premier League is difficult. We came from a deep position in the league but, if you look at the way we’ve made to be where we are today, it’s remarkable.”

It certainly is remarkable, but Arsenal fans surely can’t help being apprehensive after four games without a win. I have to admit I am a little worried but praying that they can prove me wrong and win by a landslide!.

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Yet again Robin Van Persie has led from the front scoring two goals to put Arsenal back into a winning position against Norwich, and yet again the defence has let him down.

There rarely looked like there was any cohesion between Wojciech Szczesny and his defence, which was only compounded when Francis Coquelin replaced Bacary Sagna after half an hour.

I know attack is the best form of defence, especially when playing http://thearsenalblog.com/syracuse-women-seeking-men/ online, but when you are 3-2 up in a football match against a lowly team like Norwich with so much at stake, why didn’t Wenger put ten men behind the ball and crowd out the Arsenal defence and midfield.

Why do we always try to score another one? Surely a tactical change in such an important winning position would not have been booed by the fans, who are aware that we just had no win by any means possible.

So if Tottenham (or Newcastle) overtake Arsenal into Third position, we can kiss goodbye to Robin Van Persie, and without Champions League assured it will be a lot harder to attract star players to the Emirates to strengthen the team, especially if we need to replace Van Persie.

Four games Wenger had to make certain of Third Place and we only managed a measly three points out of the twelve on offer. Who are we supposed to blame for such a spectacular collapse once again?

Van Persie loves Arsenal – but could still leave…..

“We haven’t set a date but I will have a meeting with the boss like we did before now. We will be having a meeting about my future and lots of other things.” This statement from the free scoring Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie came during an acceptance speech for the Football writers’ player of the year award.

Van Persie was effusive in his praise of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger, stating that “Arsenal is an unbelievable club. The player I am today is because of Arsenal. When I actually signed the deal to join Arsenal, it was a dream come true…..whatever happens with me, I will always be a Gunner.”

Right now the whole Arsenal team will be focused on the next two games against Norwich and West Bromwich Albion. If the Gunners win these two games they are assured of third spot in the premiership and, therefore, Champion’s league football next season. Arsene has claimed that he expects Chelsea to claim the fourth position in next year’s European competition, so third place is a must.

Not only does the Champion’s league generate millions of pounds in revenue, it makes the club more appealing to the top players in the world. Holding onto Van Persie and signing some genuine quality for next year’s campaign could hinge on the next two games. Norwich at home should be no problem as they have nothing to play for. The problem with the final away game at West Brom is Roy Hodgson’s last before becoming England manager.

It certainly seems that Third Place is the absolute minimum that RVP wants before committing to an extension. But it still seems that everything is up in the air now.

Come on you Gunners!

UH-OH! Van Persie to DELAY contract talks until after Euros

Arsene Wenger revealed today exactly how confident he was that Robin Van Persie will be staying at Arsenal next season, although one option seemed to be forcing him to play out the last year of his contract if he didn’t re-sign, but whichever way it went, Wenger was convinced that it would be sorted out before the Euro2012 tournament.

But tonight it isn’t quite so clear-cut, and the BBC is headlining with the fact that Robin is now intending to wait until after the big international competition before even starting the talks with Arsenal.

Okay so here are the reasons given for this delay. Arsenal are not yet guaranteed Champions League football next season, and with it being so close it is possible that Arsenal will not know the final finishing positions until after the last game of the season, which is on May 13th against West Brom.

And even then, if Arsenal finish Fourth, then Van Persie will still have to wait until the 19th of May, when Chelsea play the Champions League Final against Bayern Munich.

But the straw that is going to break the camels back, is that Robin himself is set to meet up with his Holland team-mates for a pre-Euro 2012 training camp on the 17th of May (in Switzerland).

The BBC also add, worryingly, that the extra time will give RVP time to assess how Arsenal are doing in their transfer dealings – and that may be the clincher…..

How long does it take for Van Persie and Wenger to have a cup of coffee and a chat????

Djourou – Arsenal need to return to our best to beat Chelsea

Chelsea have a massive game against Barcelona in tonight’s Champions League semi-final and then have to face Arsenal at the Emirates this coming weekend, but Johann Djourou says that the Gunners can’t just assume that Chelsea will be tired and take it easy against Arsenal.

He said: “They still want to have Champions League football next season as well so we know it is going to be a tough game,”

“Obviously they have a lot of fixtures, the two Barcelona games are [either side of Saturday’s derby] but we don’t really concentrate on that. We have to be focused on our game and be focused on what we do best.

“We need to play football the way we did against Manchester City and Wolves, that is the sort of situation we have to get back into. We have to show that again. Unfortunately it wasn’t the case against Wigan but we have to be sure it is there on Saturday.”

Arsenal are still favourites for the Third Champions League spot ahead of this weekends game, and Djourou knows that another win will be a massive step to cement their place in that position.

“Of course we are and we would rather be in that situation,” he said. “It was a disappointing result, we know that, and now we have to dig in and just go forward because Saturday is around the corner and we have to make sure we are ready for that.”

I know that there are still a few games after this one against Chelsea, but this one is really a cup final as it could put our neighbours out of the race for Third Place and take us one step closer to safety…..

Redknapp – It would be lovely to finish above Arsenal…..Dream on!

The Easter Holidays just got even better for Arsenal fans. After the Gunners fantastic win over Man City it has been followed by Tottenham’s home defeat by Norwich City which has given Arsenal a cushion over their arch-rivals.

Harry Redknapp has now finally realised that Tottenham are now unlikely to finish in Third Place and are now even going to struggle to finish in the fourth Champions League position.

“We have not been in bad form the last few weeks, but today was a setback. We had a bad day.” Redknapp said. “We were a bit flat. I thought their front two, especially Grant Holt, bullied us a bit.

“It is all still to play for though.It is going to be close, but there are still five games to go. It is the team who wants it most. We would settle for finishing fourth, Champions League football is the key.

“It would be lovely to finish above Arsenal, but that is going to be tough now. It is still all to play for – Chelsea have to play Arsenal, Newcastle have to play Chelsea, Chelsea have to play Liverpool away, so who knows?”

On current form, Newcastle now have to be hot favourites to steal fourth place from Spurs, and if they do, all Arsenal fans will be very very happy!

Djourou – Arsenal must beat Man City as we haven’t won Third Place yet

Johann Djourou is aware that Man City will not be easy opponents for Arsenal tomorrow, but he doesn’t see any reason why the Gunners can’t win the game and finish City’s title challenge.

“They’re a very good team and have showed it,” he said. “They’ve had a little dip recently though, and we can definitely beat them at Emirates – that’s not something I have any doubts about. They have quality all over the pitch though and will give us a good game – they are still fighting hard for the title, but we can’t worry about that.

“It’s just about getting the points we need and winning the games we have to win. This is a big game for both of us, but it’s down to us to beat them and show how good we are.”

Although last weeks reversal at QPR was a slight setback, he doesn’t think that will affect the outcome of tomorrows match.

“It was a tough game and I do think you have to give a lot of credit to QPR – they played very well and had to give everything because they’re fighting to stay in the division,” he said.

“From our point of view it was disappointing though – we’d put in some great performances before that game and missed something this time.

“You don’t want these things to happen, but that’s sport – this time we were beaten by a team that seemed to want it a little bit more. Now we have to concentrate on beating Manchester City and keeping third place, because it’s not done yet.”

It certainly isn’t! And if Sunderland can take some points off Tottenham today then Arsenal simply have to take advantage. As well as getting the pleasure of stopping Samir Na$ri from winning any trophies!

Redknapp Attacks Arsenal’s Szczesny

The Spurs manager Harry Redknapp has attacked Arsenal’s goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny after the recent statements the Pole made regarding Arsenal’s chase to get past Tottenham in the Premier League.

According to Redknapp, although Szczesny is a good goalkeeper he should focus more on football and try keeping his mouth shut when it comes to talking rubbish about other teams in the Premier League.

“Szczesny says he is coming to get Tottenham? Oh yeah, yeah, he does have a lot to say, Szczesny, doesn’t he?” Redknapp said.

“I’m a big fan of his, he is a fantastic goalkeeper and he could end up being one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League, but he does come out with some stuff doesn’t he?

“He was having a go at Chelsea the other day and God knows what (else)…

“He is a fantastic goalie, but he should just keep doing what he does.”

Redknapp does have somewhat of a point there, but it’s probably his envy speaking. A few games back the Spurs had a massive advantage in front of Arsenal and now they’re forced to accept that the Gunners are only one point behind them. That must be very frustrating for a team like Tottenham who keep falling short of objectives in the last few seasons.

Van Persie will be ‘proud’ to finish in Third Place

The Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie will not be at all unhappy if the club don’t win the Premiership after such a difficult season, and in fact he will be ‘proud” if Arsenal simply snatch Third Place from their bitter rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

“I have a strong feeling that we can finish third, that would be quite an achievement, something to be proud of as a club.” the Dutchman said.

“We want to continue that record because Arsenal needs that Champions League place and I think the club deserves it because of its incredible history in the competition.”

It would certainly be a great boost to Arsenal if they get automatic qualification for the Champions League Group Stages without having to go through a difficuly play-off against another top European side after this season’s scare against Udinese.

And us Arsenal fans will get the added pleasure of finishing as top London club yet again. Tottenham will be devastated!