Where does latest striker snub leave Arsenal transfer plans?

You have to start wondering if there is an underlying reason for players not wanting to sign for Arsenal this summer, because it is starting to feel like Arsene Wenger and the Gunners are having serious trouble convincing the many reported transfer targets to come to one of the greatest cities in the world and play in the most prestigious leagues in the world in a state of the art stadium with Champions League football as the cherry on top.

After the Leicester City and England striker Jamie Vardy turned down the offer to come to Arsenal it has been a long list of players like Mkhitaryan who have been linked with us but gone elsewhere. The latest player to snub a move to the Emirates is the Inter Milan striker Mauro Icardi and even though the money being talked about seemed to be way over the odds, the latest on the story reported by Metro is not good news for Arsenal.

The report reveals that the player himself has taken to social media to explain that he does not want the move to happen, and this is before his club has either accepted or rejected any offer from us. What now for Wenger and his Arsenal transfer plans? Do we have a big problem?

Arsenal already in transfer talks with Madrid over Morata?

After Arsenal found out today once and for all that the England international striker Jamie Vardy would be staying at Leicester City for next season, the pressure on Arsene Wenger to find another front man to supplement the goals of Olivier Giroud has just gone up a notch.

One thing the Vardy saga has showed us is that the Frenchman does agree with the vast majority of the football world about our need for more firepower and that can only be a good thing after recent transfer windows. The problem now is who to get and if we are looking at a real top quality player up front then Wenger needs to move fast before all the best ones are snapped up.

In that case I am hoping that Arsenal are one of the Premier League clubs that an Evening Standard report claims have already made offers to Real Madrid about their talented young Spain international Alvaro Morata, who is going back to his former club after they activated a buy back clause in his contract with Juventus.

Morata may not have the most prolific goal scoring record but he is still young and improving all the time and with his very good all round game he seems the perfect fit for Arsenal. The transfer price being talked about is around £40 million and we know that Arsenal could easily afford it, so has Wenger already begun transfer talks with Madrid over this highly rated front man?

Arsenal must move fast or face Man Utd hijack of Kante transfer

With Arsenal having already triggered the transfer release clause of the England international striker Jamie Vardy, and with Arsenal transfer rumours suggesting that Arsene Wenger is keen on his Leicester City team mates Riyad Mahrez and N’Golo Kante as well, the Foxes are in danger of being ripped apart by the Gunners.

After their brilliant but surprising Premier League title win, however, we are not the only club looking at their players by any means. One of those clubs is Manchester United and according to a Metro report their new manager Jose Mourinho also wants Kante.

The report also claims that our Premier League rivals are hoping to beat Wenger to the punch on this one, and they are set to activate his own release clause which is said to be around the £22 million mark. If they do that and the French midfielder likes the idea of playing at Old Trafford then Arsenal could have left it too late to get our man or persuade him that Arsenal is the better option than United.

So get your finger out Monsieur Wenger and you never know but the signing of Kante could be just what Arsenal need to persuade his team mate Vardy to accept our offer.

Morata to be the second striker to snub Arsenal?

It may still be unconfirmed officially, but most reports would suggest that Jamie Vardy is not going to be signing for the Gunners this summer. It seems that the English international would rather remain at Leicester, where he achieved the unthinkable last season, breaking both team and personal achievements and records. If such rejection is the case, then Arsenal need to start looking elsewhere again for another striker.

The name Álvaro Morata pops up in the headlines once again now that this Jamie Vardy story is over and whilst many fans may groan at the thought of hearing about all this again, many will also be pleased that Wenger hasn’t given up on his search. However it may be bad news for the Gunners regarding any potential Álvaro Morata move, because if today’s media reports in the Metro and Spanish paper AS, are deemed to be true, then Morata will be joining Vardy in rejecting Arsenal!

According to media reports, despite previously showing a fairly strong interest in moving to the Premier League and playing for the Arsenal, Morata has instead chosen to favour a move to Chelsea or Manchester United. The reason behind the decision is apparently because he’d rather work under one of his previous managers in the forms of Mourinho or Conte. However, logically I don’t understand that since he was left largely unfavoured by both managers, especially Mourinho at Real Madrid, which led to his sale from Real Madrid.

Secondly Arsenal of course should have the advantage over Manchester United and Chelsea, given as both of those teams are not in the Champions League next season, unlike Arsenal. Champions League football is always a major priority for the world’s best players and although Morata may not be categorised as a world class striker just yet, he must be ambitious and only the very best players will play at the highest level of European club competitions.

I know many wouldn’t be too disappointed if Morata truly was to reject the Gunners, since many fans don’t seem to be a fan of the Spanish striker. However to lose out to United or Chelsea in a season where we currently stand much stronger than them, it would be very disappointing.


Will Gabriel injury be one too many for Arsenal?

You could not make it up! How often have we moaned about the Arsenal injury problems and how they have held back our chances of winning the Premier League once again? And here we go again, because although Arsene Wenger had prepared and planned to face Leicester City today with the extra pace of Gabriel to cope with Jamie Vardy, he has had to revert back to Per Mertesacker after the Brazilian was ruled out with a hamstring problem.

We can only wait and hope that this latest injury blow does not hurt us too badly but I have got a bd feeling about it. The Gunners have already had to do without key players like Wilshere, Welbeck, Cazorla, Alexis Sanchez and Coquelin for large parts of the season and that would damage any team’s chances.

The same thing happened a few years ago when Arsenal were flying high at the top of the table come the new year but then lost key men like Ramsey, Walcott and Ozil and ended up fighting for fourth spot. And do you remember2008, when we looked all set to become champions until that horrendous tackle smashed the leg of Eduardo?

Will this Gabriel problem be the last straw for Arsenal and see yet another title challenge ruined by bad injury luck?

Arsenal team and tactics have a BIG surprise for Leicester

A lot of the build up to this potentially pivotal match in the race for the Premier League title has been about whether the pressure will be on Arsenal who are currently five points behind the league leaders and today’s opponents Leicester City, with both Arsene Wenger and Claudio Ranieri trying to play the mind games and insist that it is the other team that will be feeling the pressure.

At the same time, however, the managers have been trying to feel each other out tactically and I think that Wenger has been deliberately throwing a few red herrings in his rival’s path. So the Frenchman has been calmly talking about the Arsenal approach being our usual style of dominating possession and pushing forward for a goal, while also suggesting that it will be Gabriel instead of Mertesacker next to Koscielny in defence because we will be playing a high line and worried about the pace of Vardy, Mahrez and all.

I have a sneaking feeling that Wenger has done this to get the Foxes ready to play a certain way, while he has actually set up Arsenal to play the patient game and actually concede a bit of possession. And I think he will bring the big German back in.

The BFG may be slow but he is still a great defender and rarely misses a tackle. And with his experience and cool head he seems to bring the best out of Koscielny. So if I am right, Wenger’s plan is to unsettle and confuse Leicester and make them play out of their comfort zone.

It is a risky tactic and the creative and attacking players of Arsenal will need to be on their toes to make the most of fewer chances, but then again it is a risky tactic to play into the hands of Leicester as Man City found out last week.

Will Arsenal’s secret weapon seal victory over Leicester?

Arsenal face the current Premier League leaders Leicester City at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday and even though there will still be 12 games left to play after the match, everyone accepts that we really need to win the game and close the gap to just two points or at the very least hold them to a draw.

And even though the Foxes have a very good recent defensive record, it is the fact that Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez have been on fire and they are the division’s joint top scorers that has been the driving force in their title challenge.

So stopping them from scoring is surely the biggest and toughest task facing the Gunners on Sunday, and the Daily Mail is reporting that Arsene Wenger has a plan to do just that and it is the continued inclusion of the fast and aggressive Brazilian defender Gabriel instead of Per Mertesacker at the heart of our back four that is the Frenchman’s tactical plan.

That would give us two very pacey centre backs and that could be key if Koscielny is drawn out onto the left to deal with the dangerous Mahrez. It might not be just the pace of Gabriel that is on the mind of Wenger either, but the incredible stats reported by Metro which show that Arsenal have conceded just one measly goal in the seven games which the Brazilian has started and finished this season.

But will our secret weapon at the back be enough to stop Leicester scoring and give Arsenal the platform for a vital victory?