Kompany Couldn’t Stop RVP But Stopped Arsenal

Manchester City’s central defender admits that the win was incredible for them and that it was of great importance. Even though the Citizens defeated Arsenal 1-0, Kompany was unable to stop Robin Van Persie from scoring like he stated before the match, but the striker was signalled offside after he scored.

“It was massive for us, we didn’t underestimate the importance of this game and we’re happy with the result and to keep a clean sheet.

“We’ve been going for a lot of goals and could have scored many, but we didn’t finish the chances we had today, although individually we won most of our challenges.”

Kompany – RVP Is No Match For Me

Manchester City’s central defender Vincent Kompany doesn’t worry about the fact that he’s going to go against league top scorer Robin Van Persie, saying that he has been encountering very string opponents throughout the last few weeks and that he’ll manage to stop the Dutchman like he did with others.

“It is not like it has been any different in the previous weeks,” said the Belgium defender.

“I have gone from Mario Gomez to Wayne Rooney to Edinson Cavani to Didier Drogba and now Robin van Persie. The list of names doesn’t stop.