Rooney to Arsenal? Pull the other one!

Wayne Rooney and Arsenal? No, it doesn’t even sound right. I’m not saying that Rooney isn’t a good player or that he wouldn’t do well at the Emirates. It could even be good for Rooney, working with the calmer Wenger in a different kind of system, but it is just never going to happen.

The rumour hit the internet today via, the bastion of unconfirmed reports, un-named `sources` and unbelievable suggestions. Apparently, both Arsenal and Chelsea immediately registered their interest as soon as they heard that Rooney wanted to leave Old Trafford.

Arsenal are twice as rich and pay 40% MORE than Spurs in wages – WTF?

As Arsenal prepare to face their great rivals Tottenham on Sunday there are certain questions that have arisen in the differences between the way the two clubs are run, especially as Spurs are currently ten points ahead of Arsenal and seemingly certain to reach the Champions League next year.

The big difference everyone noticed in the summer was that Spurs REFUSED to sell Luka Modric depite the Croatians obvious wish to leave, while Arsenal let Cesc Fabregas leave on the cheap to Barcelona.

Wenger – We can’t stop our stars going to Man City

Arsene Wenger admits that it pained him to see Samir Nasri move to Man City, like Emmanuel Adebayor, Gael Clichy and Kolo Toure before him, and bemoans the fact that Arsenal simply can’t compete with the financial clout on offer at the Etihad Stadium.

He said: “The financial difference between us and teams like Manchester City has become too big to hope to keep the players for eight, nine, ten years,”

“OK, we lost Thierry Henry, we lost Patrick Vieira, we lost players before but they had played for eight, nine years at the club.