The 3 Good Arsenal players that could leave this summer

For the first time in 2-3 years, Arsenal fans thought that this summer we were almost certain not to lose our key players and then have to almost start from the beginning and build up our team once again, just before the season starts.

It’s known to all that in the last few years we have lost Van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy. And then even before that Adebayor, Hleb and even King Henry. Now you may think now Adebayor wasn’t a great loss but at the time he was one of our better players and there’s a reason why Man City paid £25 million for the current Spurs man.
However now with Walcott signed on, Cazorla only recently joining and Wilshere being ever loyal to Arsenal, it looked as if this year we would see no major outgoings from the Arsenal team.

Oh how we were wrong, because interest is building in a lot of our players, 3 of which I strongly believe could leave. These three players are Vermaelen, Sagna and Gervinho. Now admittedly none of these players have the same importance as some of the names mentioned above, however the fact remains that they are an integral part of this current Arsenal team. In all honesty I don’t wish for any of them to leave because as we are in a strong financial position there is no need to sell these players and we can only really strengthen the team as long as we build on what we currently have.

Sagna is attracting interest from France with PSG and Spain in Malaga, whilst Vermaelen is being lined up by clubs across Europe. Gervinho could also be touted for a move back to France, with Marseille and Lyon interested in the Ivorian.

All three players haven’t had the best of seasons and it was a particular disappointment for Vermaelen and Sagna. Sagna has always been Arsenal’s Mr Consistent, but this year he seems to have lost a lot of his quality attributes that once made him the league’s best right back. Vermaelen too had a bad season and many believe it was as a result of his uptake of the captaincy but despite his performances he is still an important player in the squad and I feel it would be wrong to sell the Belgium international.

The final player is Gervinho who endured a better season than last but was still overall very poor. I simply don’t know my stance on Gervinho, although I feel it’s important we keep him, he also continues to figure on the pitch and so perhaps if an offer comes in we should look to sell. I have the same thought on Sagna, who with one year left on his contract and with the Frenchman not getting any younger, now is probably the best time to cash in if we are looking to sell within the next few years. What should Arsenal do with these three?

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9 thoughts on “The 3 Good Arsenal players that could leave this summer

  1. I concour with u on sagna but gevinho has potentials he only needs to matured, it is important we encourage him because at times you see him as a best some times also worst, wenger can nuture his potentials to deliver perfectly. Vermaelen should be given time to recover his confidence hes good player but lost his form he can be back and better, Sagna should go, hes a rigid player and not good enough for arsenal

  2. Sagna was Arsenal’s Mr Consistent for the best part of his Arsenal career, Gervinho is 25/26 and still needs to mature, still needs to be taught how to compose himself in front of goal, still needs to learn how to cross and pass a ball. He runs with his head down into open space and he has pace but he hasn’t got a clue what to do next and his final delivery is awful ! Sell him and bring in Gonalons or Gremier.

  3. Sagna can go but VERMAELEN AND GERVINHO can come back strong. Just imagine that Gibbs and Nacho are injured, Vermaelen is there to cover, while Gervinho should step up his cut-backs by crossing the ball and taking shots when he is on goal.

  4. Sagna can go. He is devoid of ideas when he gets the ball. All he does is pass back To the one who gave the ball to him or cross the ball to nobody. Gave away silly penalties as well and free kicks in dangerous positions. He was pathetic this season. He is past his best and should be sold before he becomes another Djourou whom we have found hard to get rid off.

  5. Wenger can sell sagnal but T.vamelin nd gervinho should remain at arsenal..because vamelin Is a good defender nd gervinho Is tryin his best for arsenal

  6. to be honest all 3 can easily be replaced. gervinho has been a near disaster since joining, verma has been awful this season though i personally feel he could be better suited to a DM role in a similar vein to david luis at chelsea. and sagna isnt half the player that he was 2 years ago. jenkinson should have been in the side on a regular basis months ago and maybe not even ousted out of the team when sagna got back from injury. we can probably get around the £20 million mark for the 3 in transfers and that should be around enough to get suitable replacements. corchia, williams/skirtl and maybe a cheeky bid to bring back cesc fabrigas come to mind. maybe only need a few million extra to make that happen.

  7. Before we even consider the futures of these 3 we must form a queue for the exit door starting like this : park chamakh bendtner denilson santos. If we cleared out those 5 we are left with 20 players homegrown/non-homegrown so we can add 5 more players to this lot and an unlimited amount of players born 1992 or later. The 20 are
    Szczesney fabianski mannone
    Mertesacker Djourou
    Koscielny Vermaelen
    Gibbs monreal
    Arteta Coquelin
    Ramsey Diaby
    Cazorla Rosicky
    Podolski gervinho

    Just looking at that list you can immediately see where the first signings need to be made. Rb, RW, CF . Then it is a matter of what the next 2 requirements should be. Then and only then should we look at who can be improved upon, for example can we obtain a better keeper than the 3 we have? Can we get a better right back? Is djourou a decent enough 4th choice CB? What of Diaby and his continuos injuries? How long can Rosicky keep missing half a season then not really score goals or make assists? Is Gervinho Arsenal quality. Then you have to consider the players born 1992 and 1993 who will be ready (or not) to take their place in the 25 man squad within 2 years. Wilshire Frimpong Miquel Martinez Yennaris Ryo Aneke Sanogo Afobe Campbell Jenkinson Wellington Galindo Oxlade-Chamberlain Eisfeld Boateng – There are 16 players in those 2 year groups, currently I would say only 3 look nailed on to take their place in the 25 man squad (wilshire jenkinson and oxlade-chamberlain) the rest still have a lot to prove.

  8. I think only Vermaelen would be a serious loss. We all know he didn’t have his best season, but he’s still regarded by many as a world class player, and I agree.
    Gervinho is no longer a young talent, at his age– a bit older than Walcott– he should be delivering. We have Giroud and Podolski, and Walcott can fill in as striker too, and we should sign some additional strikers like Benteke or Higuain, maybe Villa.
    Sagna is getting a bit old, and we do need a good replacement for him for next season, but whoever it is will probably need a season to settle in, so Sagna must be kept to help with that.
    I also heard there are rumours Koscielny might leave, possibly to Bayern, and that would also be a big blow.

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