The ability to build your own bet now dominates the football betting market


Arsenal have won each of their last three matches by more than one goal, and with Stoke City coming to the Emirates up next, we thought we’d bring you some information about the markets available to bet on.

Betting on football is always something that continues to grow but some markets significantly alter the whole concept in ways that offer more enticing options for the thousands of people who readily get involved. These are always interesting developments for the regular punters, and the opportunity to create your own bet has become one of the most celebrated new methods in recent times.

A handful of new markets have been integrated into most betting websites and applications but it’s the introduction of building your own bet that’s arguably had the biggest impact – something that’s been noticed by sites like Oddschanger, who regularly provide their own betting tips and odds, as well as keeping track of niche betting markets such as this one on their exclusive Oddschanger Football Specials Page.

Variations of creating your own bet

A lot would rightly credit the invention of the concept of making your own bet from scratch to SkyBet, who were ahead of the curve with Request-A- Bets or RABs. This version provides endless opportunities for what sort of bet you’re after. All you need to do is pick a Match Result, whether it’ll be BTTS, Overs, neither or both, then include the options of a specific goalscorer, player to get booked, number of bookings or corners, and SkyBet will price it up at odds which include all of those selections in one massive bet.

Other bookmakers got involved when it was clearly something their customers enjoyed, with BetVictor putting forward #PriceItUp, which is similar to SkyBet’s RABs and Coral’s Build The Bet You Want, which is more based around statistics, and focuses on one chosen player to have a specific number of shots on goals, tackles, passes, touches or assists, before being given enhanced odds.

Popularity with the punters

Since the arrival of these alternative football markets, not only has it challenged the traditional methods of betting, but it could be argued that it’s surpassed the former ways of betting, with a large percentage of punters now preferring it. This upgrade for football betting now entertains most customers of these betting sites, and it offers far more flexibility on what you’re betting on, making it significantly more appetising to get
involved in.

Bookmakers will always look to find new ways of betting and give entirely new methods of gambling but the rise in availability seen by the option to create your own bet has been exceptional, as it’s been the only time where the sort of thing that would typically appear on something like the Oddschanger football specials page would become a regular feature in most people’s betting activity.

How many goals will Stoke get beaten by?

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