The Arsenal WOBs are not going to be happy!


It looks like the minority of Arsenal fans who tried to organize protests against Arsene Wenger at the end of the season are going to be feeling disappointed now that Ivan Gazidis has announced that Wenger is fit and well and still making long term plans for the club.

The Gunners CEO also reiterated that Le Prof will be the one that decides when he cannot go on and he expects Wenger to give the Board plenty of notice before the event but he is not even considering the possibility at the present time.

Ivan said, “He [Wenger] is in his mid-sixties, it’s natural to think about when his time here might come to an end, but the truth is nobody knows.

“He is in fantastic shape. He is deeply engaged and excited. One of the biggest challenges we will face is the transition, whenever it happens, but that is not something we are going to be facing imminently.

“Obviously, he is going to be managing us next year and we are planning and making many decisions for the long term.

“The reality is we wouldn’t leave things until the last minute. I’m comfortable both that if Arsene is going to extend we will know that and if, whenever that is, he is going to come to an end, that he will give us the time that we need to prepare for that transition.

“The relationship with Arsene is very deep. It will be done behind closed doors and we will have our transition plans well worked out.

“He has always put the long-term health of the club first. He wants to hand over a football club, whenever that it is, that is in great shape. He views that as a massively important part of his legacy.

“But we are just not in that mode. I know Arsene wouldn’t stay on if he thought the club wasn’t heading in a good direction and thought he wouldn’t be able to deliver what the fans want.”

So the WOBshave been thwarted by the Boss,especially now that he has started this transfer window by bringing in a top DM and is aiming for Jamie Vardy, the two positions that the disgruntled fans have wanted filled for the last three summers.

It looks like it will be many years yet before we see Wenger step aside and allow someone else to fill his shoes.

4 thoughts on “The Arsenal WOBs are not going to be happy!

  1. You have to recognise that the protests have produced results. They must have worried Wenger because since they started he has become more active in the transfer market and is actually trying to curry favour with fans instead of ignoring us.

    1. Are you joking? You genuinely think that because of a loud minority of fans make a lot of noise on the internet, that that is the only reason Wenger has started buying players? That “protest” consisted of about 500 people (1% of the stadium), so if you think you are having any impact whatsoever, then that is just sheer arrogance and/or stupidity.

      1. It created weeks of headlines in the papers and caused discussions on TV. Yeah I think it sparked a conversation and it’s hard to believe Arsenal and Wenger didn’t notice. That small minority as you call them caused an entire section of the stadium to be empty – that was impossible to not see

  2. That is nonsense because genuine Arsenal fans were protesting for the club failure to sign world class players and win trophies. As now Arsenal started to sign some credible players , that will unify all Arsenal fans and they will support their club 100% if they sign the right players and win back the championship after fourteen years of being waiting patiently .

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