Hello! With Arsenal finding it difficult to winning a game in the Premiership, won’t it be a wise decision to channel all our efforts towards the cup games? If we ended the season as FA cup and Europa cup winners, won’t we have recorded a successful season?

Unless we re-arrange our priorities, we may end the season on a very low. Why did I say so? Well, from the way I see things in the league, Arsenal may end the season outside the top four. We should be grateful if we ended the season in the top ten! As far as this season is concerned, we have lost our chances. Even if we go on a winning run, it still may not guarantee us a top four finish, because the other clubs in the top six will not just sit and watch us push them out of the top four, would they?

So here is my suggestion; can we put in all of our efforts into winning the few cup games we still find ourselves in? We may be having a poor premier league but we can make it up with FA cup and Europa league trophies.

The FA cup: The FA cup competitions have been favourable to us. At the moment, we are the most successful English team in the competition. Winning the FA cup may not be attractive to us again, but as a big club that we are, we need to be winning trophies, no matter the competition. Wenger had a way of bribing the fans with an FA cup trophy; especially when we had messed our season in the Premier league. No matter how badly our league form can be, if we work towards winning the FA cup, then our season may end on the high, after all.

The Europa cup: I smell success for Arsenal in this competition this year. I see us lifting this trophy. I even feel so strongly that the Europa trophy is one trophy Arteta would most likely be targeting, because winning the competition, will grant us entry into next season’s UEFA Champions league. With Arsenal doing well in the previous two Europa competitions, I see us winning the competition this season. By the time the knock out stages for the Europa starts, Arsenal would probably have picked up some football match form. Winning this competition is something my heart longs for.

With some diehard fans, you can never argue that the season is as good as gone. But if you are to permit to air my view, then I will tell you that this season is long gone lets us focus on the cup games please. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua

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