The latest Perez setback for Arsenal has to be a joke?

Reports in Spain are claiming that our deal to sign Deportivo La Coruna’s Lucas Perez could be off, after Arsenal insisted on paying the £17 Million fee in two instalments, and this idea is infuriating me…

We have been in the hunt for a new striker since the end of the last campaign, with Jamie Vardy turning down our advances before the European Championships, and we have since looked at signing a number of alternatives.

The long-running saga concerning our chase of Alexandre Lacazette continues, but his recent five goals in only two matches seems to have raised his asking price beyond the reality of an Arsene Wenger bid.

Now we are claimed to have found another striker we are keen on bringing in, but reports from Spain are claiming that we may miss out for an absurd reason, claiming Arsene Wenger is insistent on paying the fee in two instalments.

If we are serious about landing the Spanish forward then there is no excuse for not paying the fee straight away, a fee which is reported to trigger his release clause.

West Brom, Everton and Valencia have also been linked with an interest in the goalscorer, with the former claimed to have lined up a £50,000 per week wage, with the offer of paying his full fee up front.

If it is a case of losing out, or stumping up the full fee, than surely our club would not allow such madness to happen. We have missed out on enough targets already this summer, meanwhile we have seen Alexis Sanchez fielded as a striker unsuccessfully.

This is going to be a really long, tough season if something is not done sharpish, and it needs to happen before I get committed.

Surely this can’t be true???

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2 thoughts on “The latest Perez setback for Arsenal has to be a joke?

  1. Arsene Wenger is truly an Arse if this is allowed to happen! This man has to be serious for a change as our club is fast becoming the butt of the jokes.

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