The most disgusting Anti-Arsenal blog I have ever read – Retaliation needed?

I have read today the most vile, disgusting and uncalled for attack on Arsenal fans, by a Spud that should be done for racism (or inciting violence as a minimum). Obviously this Tottenham blogger feels he has been attacked by Arsenal fans in the past, but to be so aggressive in print makes me feel that retaliation is needed.

Let me give you a few excerpts from this piece of sh*t: “….Perhaps you all believe you’re entitled to something because you simply believe you’re entitled to it? From league titles to the Carling Cup to now finishing above Spurs. Have we caught up or have you fallen down? Who cares? No matter where you stand nobody can escape your stench. No one else in the country could give a **** about you so your desperation holds no bounds as you attempt to scratch your names in the Lilywhite surface…..”

“….Forever in your shadow? What shadow is that? The one casted down by your insecurities and necessity to validate your existence by crawling out of your swamp to beg for attention? You could win the title for 20 successive years and it still wouldn’t make a blind bit of difference to anything. You’re still a soulless, franchised entity of sh*t. You don’t have an identity…..”

“….You’re not a football club, not really, you’re just an extension of Wenger’s ego. Which is illustrated by the characteristics and the non-existent personalities of the supporters; unimaginative, self-satisfying megalomaniacs in ghastly red who only care when they’re winning, completely devoid of wearing ones heart on sleeve without prejudice and without shame. Your hearts sit in your inside pocket then get stapled on at appropriate moments when you like to show off, removed and taken out of sight when you don’t want anyone to know what team you ‘support’.

“You’re like nomadic ants, nesting under stones and logs and in cracks in rocks, all identical and unspectacular, all following each other without diversity and without soul. More specifically, you are the species of small ant, Temnothorax albipennis, which abandons established nests at the first sign of any threats. Running away to settle somewhere new, with one single queen laying the eggs with a workforce of non-breeding females leaving the nest to forage and collect building materials. You are ants. Living under rocks. A collective that do as they’re told and told what to think…..”

And on and on. I became more and more angry as I read it and now I fully realise that this man is deliberately trying to goad us into a fight. Well f*ck him, and f*ck his blog. He is probably hoping that he can get Arsenal blogs to add a link to his site by publishing this bile but we won’t fall for that one.

But if any Arsenal fans feel like doing a search on google for Dear Mr Levy you can find him very easily. Every Arsenal fan should go on there and leave a comment telling exactly who is the piece of sh*t in this relationship, and he has proved it by writing this disgusting post. W*nker.

Just because Spurs haven’t finished above Arsenal in his lifetime…..

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26 thoughts on “The most disgusting Anti-Arsenal blog I have ever read – Retaliation needed?

  1. He is a scum twat and is simply saying scum crap. I really wouldn’t get too fussed about it. Ignore their views about Arsenal, in the same way that they probably ignore our views about their 2nd rate existence.

  2. Exactly, don’t rise to it. he is tryinh to use clever analogies and long words because he is clearly an arrogant sh*t. He also clearly has some presonal issues going on there!

    Juts leave him to shout his sewer mouth off to himself in the corner….no-one is listening!!

  3. I thought the quotes were quite enjoyable to read. They don’t really make much sense – the ant analogy would only work if arsenal fans decided to go and support other sides whenever the team lost and the line “your insecurities and necessity to validate your existence by crawling out of your swamp to beg for attention? ” could so easily be applied to all the spurs fans who constantly troll on arsenal sites.
    Ultimately, I must confess, I don’t really like most Arsenal fans either. They’re so negative and the way so many of them have jumped on the backs of young players like Vela and Ramsey, for little or no reason, is shameful. Any defeat apparently calls for wenger to resign or for certain players to be completely discarded. They are so brainwashed by the conventional wisdom of the media, which is so biased against arsenal as it is, that they can’t simply accept a bad day at the office from this arsenal side.

  4. Nice one davi, why sinking to his level? He/She is a lowlife who resort to such when he has nothing else to say. Can you imagine what he would have said if they won at Emirates? Before that game all the Spuds at my pub were so arrogant telling me how we gonna fall far 13 points behind and we did not only beat them but we trully crashed them. All Spuds have stoped coming to the pub.
    This one is bitter that a season when their team is supposed to be the best they had and ours the worst in ages we did that to them unlike the lucky punch at White hart Lane when they won 2-1.

  5. There a few things that must be put into place here 1) His wife bashes him 2) His dog bit him 3)As a child he went to a Catholic boys school 4)He doesnt have kids 5) He is dead set dirty on his old man for buying him a muti season ticket to White Hart Lane 6) Like his gay side he just doesnt know how to come out of the closet and say” I Love AFC” for fear the family will reject him 7) And to show one and all he is frustrated about The Arsenal doing better than Spurs year in year out, he wrote that mindless gem to show all his disbelieving family and the one friend he has his loyalty to Spuds

  6. Anything this rotten spud has said almost sound like compliments after you read some of the stuff on Le-grovel. Don’t be too hard on this guy he really seems to be hurting. Just imagine yourselves in his place, ten points clear thinking third place is in the bag for the best team spuds have ever had in their piss poor history then you watch Arsenal’s worst team in ages bend you and send you back where you belong which is under the feet of the mighty Gunners. He’s just crying out for someone to show him the love and attention he never got as a child, I feel sorry for him.


  8. for someone to go into a long winded rant about arsenal and all their trophys and accomplishments they’ve gained over the years sounds pretty desperate to me. look at it through his eyes, he expects no trophys every year and he gets no trophys every year, whereas arsenal fans expect success every year and every year we play champions league football, tho’ a trophy would be nice next season

  9. i think we should unite and leave comments. one person leaving a comment can easily be pounced on by the bitter twats but if we all think here what we want to write and then go and paste the board at the same time with one clever retort then it will be more effective. who’s up for joining me to P off some yids?

  10. Don’t waste time and effort trying to comment on his site it’s not even worth it. You can’t argue with idiots because they drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.

  11. The bloke obviously needs a s@&g! There’s a good reply on there right now from Cjay (think I remember him from Just Arsenal). Anyone know what he means about White Hart Lane and Woolwich Arsenal?

  12. Jelousy of one’s triumphs will never get you anywhere. And being a spurs fan makes it all that worse. I am not one of those fans who screams at their team even though cant hear me, I believe the emirates is so quiet because we are admiring the beautiful game of football.

  13. this guy sounds like he wants to be a gooner but grew up a spud and now he has to vent his frustration

  14. There’s nothing unusual about that. It’s very typical of stuff written by bitter Spurs fans. Most football forums are full of such idiots and I expect them to be on Blogs too.

  15. We should concentrate on our team, rather than hearing these rubbish claims by rivals.

  16. He still cant get over arsenal spanking ther butts 5-2.he just wants some attention from some crappy spurs supporters

  17. Not sure why any gooner should be upset by this Lilly blog, this is exactly the sour grapes outpooring of a perennial loser I love to read, in the knowledge that Arsenal always have been and always will be a much bigger club than Tottenham. Our future will be littered with success, they will flirt with a good season here and there and carry on lashing out like this at the crushing realisation that they are a inferior to the mighty gunners.

    Gooner for life.

  18. Haha, what a knob. There’s so much jealousy there it’s stupid. Spurs and there fans are just gonna have to accept facts. We are londons most successfull club. We have had a bad few years by our own high standards, and they have been decent by there low standards. And yet it looks like we’ll finish above them again.
    Spurs always get found out in the end and so do there fickle supporters.

  19. Sincerely i feel sorry for this Spurs fan, all of a sudden the weakest Arsenal side in Mr Wenger era storms its way to 3rd from 17th, probably the best Spurs side in 20years being torn apart @ the emirates. Makes you wonder, i feel your pain. Forever in our shadow… Remember Portsmouth, how the management skill of Mr Harry left them in wonderful hands !!! Bale and Modric out next season, then finish 12th on the log, just a food for thought. The red and white will always rule LONDON.

  20. Le Grove is much worse. This is like a backhanded compliment, really. They should be pitied…

    1. I Thought I Was The Only One Tht Noticed Le Grove..
      One Particular Guy Called BADE Is Worse Than Mr Levy.

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