The Wenger Trophy is “vital” for Arsenal

Arsenal fans were over the moon when the Gunners finally won the FA Cup last season after ten barren years of rebuilding leaving us without a trophy. But when we saw Wenger finally invest heavily in players like Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez we really believed that we could finally challenge for the Premiership title after leading the charge for most of last season.

This is why this campaign has been such a disappointment, and it doesn’t help us when Wenger is still aiming to finish in the Top Four. He said yesterday: “It’s vital for us.

“We have done it for 17 years, so we are entitled to the belief that we can do it. It’s all to do because when you look at the league everyone is fighting very hard for it. Southampton, Tottenham, Manchester United, so many teams who can fight for these positions.”

See this is the kind of talk that annoys all Gooners. We have a fantastic new stadium and tens of millions of surplus cash. We are officially the fifth richest club in the world, and the second richest in the Premier League.

So WHY are we fighting with clubs like Southampton and Tottenham for a place in the Top Four in the UK every year?

Something just doesn’t add up.

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