Theo Walcott isn’t worried about competition from Oxlade-Chamberlain


Most Arsenal fans think that both Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are wingers as that is where they play every week in the current Arsenal formation, but Walcott himself doesn’t think that The Ox is a candidate to replace him in the team.

Walcott believes that they can both play together, but with Theo as a striker and Chamberlain as an attacking midfielder behind him.

Walcott said: “It’s always great to have competition. You want to play well, you want the team to play well and to have other ­players around keeps you on your toes.

“Alex is a good lad and we get on very well. He gets on with his job and he is learning the game. But we are totally different players, to be honest.

“He’s told me that he’s an attacking midfield player, that he likes to play just behind the ­striker in that free role. And I can see that because he’s very powerful when he gets the ball.”

The thing with both players is that it doesn’t matter where they think they play, they just have to get used to doing whatever Wenger tells them to do. So get back out on those wings!

1 thought on “Theo Walcott isn’t worried about competition from Oxlade-Chamberlain

  1. I’ve heard that Arsene doesn’t take tactical advice from his players and that’s just as it should be so your final point is a good one. Theo needs to stop talking about how he’s being played in the wrong position and respect the managers’ decision more, wouldn’t want to end up like Chelsea.

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