As I write this, there are only 3 days left in the window and aside from Arsenal’s interest in Draxler last night, there’s nothing else going on at the club, looking in from the outside. Maybe they are being super secretive. I was hoping we’d bring in 5 proper signings at the beginning of the week and with every passing day, my hopes are dwindling. However, we still can bring in players for 3 positions of sufficient quality. Here are my suggestions:

Obviously, we desperately need a striker at the moment and a good one. There isn’t much left for us to choose from but we could still persuade Man Utd to sell Rooney if we put in a decent bid soon. There’s even Jackson Martinez available on the market for around £30million. We just need to be decisive and pay the money the selling club wants. There isn’t any more time to negotiate.

After selling Gervinho and losing both Chamberlain and Podolski to 3 month long injuries, we are desperate for another winger at the moment. There has been rumours from quite a few papers that we are very interested in the prospect of signing Di Maria but there is a hold up as Spurs aren’t willing to sell Bale until the very last moment so we can’t buy the Argentinian from Madrid. There is also the rumours of Draxler who can play on the wings, as a no.10 and as a striker.

Centre Back
With all these injuries, I still feel we are short in defence. We need to bring in another centre back that can compete with Vermaelen for 3rd choice CB. The choices are dwindling with the likes of Sakho and Alderweireld all moving. However we can still move for the likes of Ginter if we offer the right type of money.

It is looking pretty ominous as an Arsenal fan. The pool of players to choose from is dwindling and teams are going to jack up their prices the closer it gets to end of the window because they’ll know of our desperation. I’m just hoping we have enough about us to bring in 3 players in those positions mentioned to at least make us outside title contenders. Will we do it though?

12 thoughts on “These 3 signings in 3 days – Can Arsenal Do It?

  1. To say Arsenal lacks ambition would be a complete understatement. Stagnation with no efforts for improvement only leads to a decline especially with a manager that is completely insane, ancient and has no idea about how the modern day transfer market works.

  2. Mr wenger shouldn’t carry our hearts with his no signing policy. I think he should make good use dat money thru 2day and 2morow

  3. But I still believe and think its possible if he decides to stop saying “MY BOYS ARE LIKE NEW SIGNINGS” and beat d chase. D only thing is dat his just a ** in d ass of arsenal fans nowadays by signing players who are nt even recognised and they start misfireing and miscalculating on d pitch 3 signings in 3days HE MUST HAISTEN UP

  4. There are strikers of quality out there martinez jackson,leandro damaio,yilmaz burak…..these strikers are proven goal poachers.I hope wenger gets one together with a winger & a defender.

  5. Sorry dude, no chance wengers strategy for this transfer window is now clear to me – bid only for players we hane no chance to get (for various reasons), if by an act of god against what wenger expects it looks like we do have a shot, ensure we bid too little to start and then make sure not to lodge a serious offer – drexler another example, he made it very clear over last months he has no desire to leave.

    So fed up with our sht!!! pretend transfer policy. I can see us getting three marquee signings… Sanogo / flamini / kalou – that will scare the competition.

    So if were really lucky and savvy well get…kalou to add to our other marquee signings.

  6. Looking at the first team squad as of today, Arsenal have 2 GK, 7 defenders, 9 midfielders and 7 strikers including Park and Bendtner.

    Based on this, we will either buy a GK or promote Martinez, I believe we’re pretty well covered in defence with Vermaelen as 3rd choice LB and Sagna 4th choice CB. Flamini can also fill in as full back. We’re well suited in MF except I’d like to see two top class palyers up front; a winger and a striker (e.g. Di Maria and Bentzema). I don’t think Ryo is there yet.

  7. all these names dont seem to be legitimate…from all i’ve heard guilavogui, di maria and draxler can be realistic targets.

    I’d be happy if we can get guilavogui and di maria…plus casillas (bit cheeky yeah i know)…but imagine the arsenal dressing room with the presence of a respected and experienced leader like casillas.

  8. I find it absolutely unbelievable that we are now in this position. All other fans are openly laughing at us and rightly so. It’s completely humiliating. I am gutted to the point of tears.
    Why on earth did we not start the market by going out and paying what the clubs wanted in order to get the players. Every single other club does that because that is the only way to sign the best players now. If Arsenal are telling us that they are not wiling to do that then they must come out and be honest with us by saying they are not really aiming at titles anymore as without the best players, you cannot compete for the best honours. it’s only fair on the fans to be honest from here on out.
    I really cannot stress just how upset I am. Just looking at pictures of Wenger makes me rage now.
    I’m norn and bred in Islington and have been a lifelong gooner that actually goes to games. I am the sort of fan that the club should be fighting to please yet they just don’t seem to give a f*ck about me. I will be there tomorrow and the only thing I will be shouting it SPEND.

    1. Why do you find it unbelievable? Wenger did it to seasons ago and it was only when we got spanked by United he signed anyone.

      Nothing surprising about wenger’s ego

  9. For once I wish we get a spanking by the spuds just so our crazy manager realise we only have ’11 quality players’ an injury to anyof them like is the case now and the team is useless.

  10. Wow, cant quite believe the situation we are in now. So i say farewell to CL, top four finish and probably Jack wilshere and Santi Cazorla after we finish in mid table mediocrity.
    Thanks for destroying my belief in you and 8 years of watching the quality get sold off as I held on to my faith that once the stadium was paid off this would stop and reverse. Arsene your killing my club!!!!!!

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