Thierry Henry back at Arsenal…for now

Arsenal’s new talented crew had the honour to train along-side French and Arsenal legendary player Thierry Henry. Although many speculations have appeared relating the Frenchman to a possible return at his “home club” Wenger infirmed them and said that the former French international is only there to keep fit before he will go back in USA in February.

Henry has been playing for MLS side New York Red Bulls since 2010 and he declared that he doesn’t fancy a return to European football

“I think it is an honour and a pleasure [to have him around],” said Wenger. “An honour because he is a legend at the Club and he is coming back, a pleasure because when he is on the football pitch, he is still a great player.”

“He will come and join us a few times. Normally he enjoys it to come back to European football and to come back to his club. He will come back normally for training.”

“His future is in the States,” he added. “He is going back in February. Until then we will just help him to practice and keep fit.”

Henry enjoys a nice “retirement” from all the hustle around football that a large European league like the Premiership brings, and the Frenchman seems happy in the United States.

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