Thierry Henry set to be Arsenal’s ONLY signing in January


The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has made many pronouncements about the rumoured Arsenal targets. It is certainly possible that he is just creating a smoke-screen to put everyone off finding out who his targets are, but I am beginning to think not!

When asked about whether he was targeting Lukas Podolski Wenger said “No!” curtly. He has made it clear that he only needs a short-term striker to cover while the African Nations Cup is on, and so the signing of Henry is nearly certain now.

He has also stated that the Arsenal midfield is “too crowded” to bring in Yoann Gourcuff (and therefore any other new midfielder. When asked about Gary Cahill, he announced that he certainly wouldn’t be bringing in any more centre-backs.

Now that Arsenal have all four of their full-backs out of action, it was expected that at least one versatile defender would be needed in January, but now Wenger has scotched that idea as well! He said: “There are difficult decisions to make because we are short in the full-back positions.

“But you think, ‘do you really want to buy a full back for three or four years?’

“When you have four out and two close to coming back. I think no, because we have people who can do the job during this period.”

So we will have Henry in for two months, no midfielders, no centre-backs, and now no full-backs. That looks to me like Wenger has made up his mind to completely ignore the rest of this coming transfer window………

11 thoughts on “Thierry Henry set to be Arsenal’s ONLY signing in January

  1. A team full of dead woods he calls that a big squad ,,,,,, arsenal its over
    the ambition to win is not there any more

  2. We need a versatile centre back and a midfielder now Henry is about 2 come in, Arshavin, Diaby should be sold

    1. If Henry is the only deal … it is madness. I love the idea of Thierry coming back to do a job. But we need the loan (or buy) of a versatile full back. Everyone in the whole world knows it … bar one ? Otherwise we will be making and mending the rest of the season at full back. How about Eboue and why was it important to get £3m for him ?? Sadly, 5th place looks to be about right.

      1. I was wondering why we. Got rid of eboue too, he wasnt great. He also wasn’t exactly a liability either. He could effectively play many positions, every team needs that kind of player. To get only the mil for him was a loss on our part cause surely it will cost more for a utility player like that. I can see vertoghnen being similar they say he plays cdm cb and lb but he will cost ten mil

  3. I agree with Wenger,he has got stacks of players,the only problem is, there all crap,apart from Van Persie i carnt think of one player
    that would get in any of the top four teams in the premier division,
    Wenger is all the time on about progress, and the future,he then
    brings in an “OLD GRANDAD”who is well past his sell by date to pull us out the shit. I am completely confused.What has happened
    to all the money received from sale of players?Same old story no
    silverware this season,and while Arsenal have got Wenger,NO SILVERWARE EVER.” UP THE GUNNERS”.

    1. Steve you’re a f’ing moron. How doe we finish in the top four year after year? 16 consecutive years of champions league group stages if that doesn’t say anything then maybe a good backhand will knock some sense into you! The only problem with our team is that we aren’t good enough to WIN because our players never stay healthy therefore never get hit good form. Name one team who has four fullbacks injured at one time, for extensive periods of time? Don’t buy one unless you sell one and who would we get rid of. We have dead wood ie squillaci, arshavin, chamakh, alumina. some consider Diaby just cause he’s always injured and eats up a hefty share of wages. We have our starlet out jack wilshere! Remember him. How are you gunna buy midfielders when we have so many? Henry Lansbury is shaping up well at the hammers. Get another winger and who sits out cause walcott and gervinho are both good. Rvp doesn’t make goals by himself. He developed a new style of play, not as much passing. It more crossing and successful dribbles, taking on players instead of passing around them. Miyachi has bags of speed and technical ability as well as the oxo kid and the player we gnabbed from barca last Season are great. One is considered one of the fastest kid on the in WORLD and he’s seventeen. Makes Walcott look normal. Think before you speak an why would you ever doubt your team and one of the best managers in the world?

    2. Why would u say apart from vp no player can break in2 any big 4 team. Verm can, song can, sagna can. Jack can, and there are other players dat are just off form theo, gohvin, plus matasaca is provin him worth. Arteta pairing wit song is d stability we have. Plus we have 1 of d best keepers in d league. D only tin we need do is drop some dead wood. And add some quality.

  4. henry??…u got to be kiiddin me…..does the guy hv the stamina left to play in th BPL?…..wht eva man..
    all i wanna see is arshavin.chamakh,squillaci leave thts all
    they hv no use 4 us right now……

  5. Is jekinson among the injured fullbacks? Wenger, it is high time you stopped being stubben about your transfer policy. Can’t you read the hand writing on the wall. Prof there is fire on the mountain. Please run and get podolski for us . Unless you want us to forget europe nest year.

  6. Arsene wenger should stop making arsenal fc look like one man team. Right now the only player i can think of in arsenal is rvp as for henry i am doubting his strength. All we need is to get some full backs and forward i may not say much about midfield cos we have them. gervinho is going for th afcon. Who is replacing him is it our lost hope arshavin? Pls wenger get out some players to get in some

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