Thierry Henry – Wenger loves the Arsenal players so much…..


The Arsenal legend Thierry Henry seems to think that manager Arsene Wenger is one of the best managers in the world, and that his skills are enhanced by the way he treats his players and by the fact that he cares about the players.

“He makes you believe in yourself,” Henry told The Independent.

“He will let you be what you want to be. And obviously at times he has to be hard. That’s him, he will make you aware of your abilities and make sure you take care of it and take advantage of it.”

When asked whether Wenger gets angry in the dressing room or not, Henry replied:”He does now and then, but that’s often the way it has to be, kind of political.

“He loves them so much that sometimes… he’s not going to lose it like all managers. And that’s the beauty of him, he believes in his players so much that sometimes, like you see recently, his players can turn a situation around just like that.

“Arsenal were losing and they came back. He believes in the team.”

The French star striker is one of the most likely people who could replace Arsene Wenger once the manager decides to retire. Henry has spoken about the possibility of taking over after Wenger leaves in several occasions, and it seems that he certainly seems capable of carrying on Wenger’s philosophy if he did take the helm at Arsenal.

3 thoughts on “Thierry Henry – Wenger loves the Arsenal players so much…..

  1. This is true but he most learn how to keep key players and put Ramsey in second team and stop using our great club as a training ground.

    1. Here here. He loves the players too much and how often do they (or their agents) show any loyalty ?

  2. Im not sure thats fair, I dont think Nasri (which is clearly who you have a problem with) had much choice. He wanted to win trophies and also wanted a certain wage which wenger/the board obviously didnt want to pay him. So he left. Its not exactly judus style. As for fab, he wanted to go back to his boyhood club for years. I feel wengers issue lies less with holding key players but more with not replacing them when they do leave. Every club has players wanting out even the top ones. Ronaldo at man utd is one example. that could all come to light as being the board rather than arsene anyway but whats important is at the moment we seem to have a happy, confident squad of players who are finding their feet and really performing. Now is when we need to show the key players some ambition by signing talent and challenging for silverware to avoid losing others and going back to square one again.

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