Tim Krul disappointed with Van Persie outburst


The Newcastle star winger Hatem Ben Arfa declared that people shouldn’t look too much into the fight that goalkeeper Tim Krul had with Arsenal’s captain Robin Van Persie after the late winner scored by Vermaelen in the 94th minute.

According to the French international Robin’s attitude is not their problem and the Toon’s shouldn’t waste time concentrating on that when what they should do is concentrate on the next few games.

“Van Persie is not our problem. We can’t waste energy on him, it must all go on those last 10 games and we must concentrate on getting as many points from the 30 as we can. That’s all finished, we now just have to keep our heads up high.”

Newcastle’s goalkeeper Tim Krul declared himself disappointed in what happened with his Dutch national team colleague:
“I was disappointed with the incident involving Robin,” he told the club’s official website.

“We are both professional sportsmen and what happens on the pitch stays on the pitch.

“We are playing in arguably the best and toughest league in the world and things like this happen.

“There is only one thing on my mind during a game and that is to win.”

The situation is likely to come to life again next time when the Dutch national squad will get together.

Unfortunately for Krul, if the manager will decide to cut somebody from the team to avoid incident that somebody will certainly not be Robin.

8 thoughts on “Tim Krul disappointed with Van Persie outburst

  1. krul or what is he called is very stupid, how dare you mess with your most senior in national team and a captain of almighty arsenal? If am to mentioned those you follow to prem league vp is one of them one of your role model. Hope you heard jack shout dont mess with the el-captino! The next time such repeat itself you will be crossify and gun out of Epl.

  2. Hear, hear Rex. Perfectly said.

    Krul, know your place, RvP is footbal royalty. And don’t timewate next time and you won’t be ridiculed.

  3. Remind Me Mr Krul. Who was it who ran 40 yards in order to cause a physical confrontation? Still as said, we won’t worry about Mr Krul’s antics. That’s Newcastle’s problem.

  4. Mr K u created all these problems coz u thought a draw would work for u.But when TV5 scored the second one, u realised u were finished.Secondly u a the one who confronted RVP.But it is not too late you can apologise.

  5. kings always have the heart to forgive there subordinates so robin plz find a place in yr heart to forgive him he is a first time offender

  6. Krul is a j.barton player type who gets his opponent frustrated nd get sent off. Get down on ur kneels nd beg ur senior nd role model in futbol

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