Arsenal had been linked with a move that could see former club captain Cesc Fabregas return to Arsenal from Barcelona this summer, but now it seems like the Spaniard could be heading to the Premier League, but not to Arsenal!

Manchester United have made an official £25.9 million bid for Fabregas, according to several sources including the ever reliable BBC Sport and Sky Sports News. As of yet it is unknown what Barcelona think of the bid, but I’m sure they won’t be willing to let Cesc leave on the cheap after already losing another midfielder in Thiago this summer.
Thiago was in fact a target for United and even reportedly agreed terms with the Premier League champions however the Spaniard has since chosen Champion’s League winners Bayern Munich and so United are now on the hunt to sign fellow Barcelona man Fabregas.

As stated Fabregas has been linked with a move to Arsenal but if true, this recent news will be a major blow to Wenger’s hopes. So should Arsenal move in now for their ex-captain?

I believe what should now happen upon Barcelona’s receiving the offer is that, if they are thinking of accepting the proposal, they first need to contact Arsenal to offer the midfielder to us in case we want him, as that’s the whole idea of first refusal. In which case, I have faith that we would activate his £25m release clause and ultimately see Fabregas back at Arsenal if he so wishes.

Surely, Wenger would accept Barca’s offer and sign Fabregas, even if Fellaini was a bigger target because otherwise just like last year we are directly strengthening a rival, when we have the chance to stop it? £25m for Fabregas is an absolute steal and I’m sure Cesc would love to return to the Emirates, if the proposal was brought upon him, so what do you think, should Arsenal intervene now?

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