Top spot target and Bellerin return to keep Arsenal sharp for Stoke

Arsene Wenger is clearly a bit concerned about the focus and commitment of his Arsenal team ahead of the visit of Stoke City for today’s Premier League match, as he spoke about the need to stay focused and not allow complacency to affect us in the preview.

The Frenchman was also full of praise for the way the Gunners have been applying themselves of late and while he feels that there is still room for improvement, Wenger has been impressed with the determination to win and the fact that we have not rested on our laurels so far.

He said, “What has pleased me most [recently] is that we have played like a team who really wants to win each game and has a relentless attitude. What’s also pleased me is that when you have a big win, sometimes the focus goes. To reset, refocus and win again in a convincing way [is fantastic].

“We have had a good week until now but now we have to show we can finish it in a very positive way, and refocus to play a Stoke team who are in a completely different way to West Ham in terms of confidence. West Ham lacked confidence but Stoke are on the way up, so we have to prepare for that.

“Between confidence and complacency is a very short way – top-level competition doesn’t tolerate that. We want to keep our confidence level high but also our urgency level very high.

“On top of that I must say, [we need to keep] the desire to develop as a team. What pleased me most in the last two games is that we played like a real team: with authority, with a desire to play together and I still think we can do much better and that is what we want to focus on.”

I do not think we have to worry about Arsenal losing focus today. For one thing it looks like Wenger can freshen up the side with the return of players like Coquelin to the starting XI and probaly most importantly the return from injury of Hector Bellerin at right back.

Arsenal also have the chance of going top of the league, at least until Chelsea play tomorrow, so that target should be more than enough for Arsenal to stay sharp and get the win we all expect against Stoke.

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