Tottenham are welcome to Eden Hazard

I know that Arsenal fans (and Arsene Wenger) have always wanted the young Belgian international Eden Hazard to come to the Gunners, but I personally am sick of his never-ending pronouncements on where he would like to go when he moves this summer.

A couple of years ago the Lille midfielder seemed quite pleased to be linked to Arsenal, but nowadays he seems to whoring himself to every big team in Europe. I remember about a month ago that he said he wouldn’t go anywhere except Real Madrid.

But his latest interview has him quoted as saying: “Maybe I’ll go to Tottenham. It’s a great English club.” Well seriously Eden if you think they are a “great” club then you are welcome to them.

It has also been reported that Lille want €40million euros for him (about £35m), which will obviously rule Arsene Wenger out of the bidding (and there is NO WAY that Arsenal or the Spuds would be able to compete with the wages he could get from the likes of Chelsea, Real Madrid or Man City).

So I think it is time to forget about Hazard and simply accept he will never be coming to Arsenal, although I must admit I would absolutely hate him to go to Tottenham!

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17 thoughts on “Tottenham are welcome to Eden Hazard

  1. I remember Wenger saying he would spend that much money if the right player came around. Hazard works for me.. Plus, the club would make half his fee up in jersey sales alone.

  2. “but nowadays he seems to whoring himself to every big team in Europe.”

    Seriously ?? :s There was a rumour that he was going to Tottenham. They asked him on a Belgian football show if that was a possibility. He said may’be, Tottenham is a great team. with great players. We ‘ll see. He also stated that he hasn’t signed for anyone yet so the rumour is BS.

    “I remember about a month ago that he said he wouldn’t go anywhere except Real Madrid.”

    Really ? Show me the footage of him saying this. Let me save you the trouble there isn’t any footage of him saying this. Tabloid BS.

    He also said that he only wants to go to the PL. The reasons he gave were Alot of big matches, Great crowd /atmosphere, higher level of football.

    Whoever finishes in the top four this season and can put 40 million on the table has a chance of getting Hazard.

    1. And what if they don’t want Arshavin and Squillacci ?!?!? Stick to championship manager

  3. If you bother to look into it, every player Redknapp buys has been because Wenger showed interest in them. Seriously, since his Portsmouth days, Redknapp has been obsessed with players that interest Wenger. He also signs a lot of EX-Arsenal players.

    This is all that is happening here.

    What Redknapp fails to realise, Wenger is appraising players in relationship with the team we have. fir this reason not all players will fit in the teams of Redknapp.

  4. It`s typical PR…given enough press coverage and hype Mickey Mouse could be the most sort after footballer in Europe. Let him go to Spurs. Very few players live up to their press image.

  5. spurs will get £80m for Bale and with champions league football they can attract players

    1. Anywhere he wants. Right wing in place of lennon, In the hole were VDV plays. On the left and Bale gets permanently moved central like he has been as of late.

  6. this is just a joke he is going to arsenal he just dont want the media to no what he is about to do that is why he say that just look he as agree with arsenal already the media are worrying him that is why he say that

  7. Its good enough that he has decided which club he would like to play for than talking of Epl club with great history

  8. Apparently Lille had lined up Park as a replacement for Hazard (even had him in a local hotel). Rumours of how good Hazard is are impresisive, but if his ‘replacement’ can’t even get on the pitch for Arsenal……………….. Maybe Hazard is as good as they say, I’m just not sure.

  9. Wenger has drained the enthusiasm out of me to be honest … every window it is the same and every season ticket renewal time of the year he talks up big players and says he really likes them only to con fans into believing it might happen.

    It is not going to happen, he has said we need to sell and make 15-20 million before we can start buying. Where does that leave us an extra 35 million to get 1 player ?

    And we sell our stars every year ! Whats more, we massively under sell them. Barcas sporting director came out after they got hold of cesc and said he was a player worth 60 million and we sold him for 30 or so !! And rumour has it if van does not sign, it will cost 30 million to buy him! 30 million for van persie!

    We have been a selling club for 5 years

  10. If this guy was that fantastic Barca or Real would have gone for him since! He has not yet reached his optimal performance and the Tiny Tots use READY MADE players. They know nothing about talent development, that was why Taraabt was let off. Wish Eden all the luck!

  11. Shut up about Eden Hazard.

    Ryo, Oxlaide-Chamberlain, Walcott, Gervinho, Wilshire, Ramsey, Arshavin all those players we have in the roles Hazard plays. Name one of those players that he’s actually proven to be better than.

    You can say Arshavin if you like but Hazard is very similar if watch him play. He drifts in and out of games and sometimes you wouldn’t even know he’s on the pitch.

    Oxlaide-Chamberlain is already a better player, has experience and is thusfar proven to be more than capable of playing in the EPL. Has a better goal/assist record than Hazard and that’s mainly from the subs bench too.

    Ryo will be available next year hoepfully as an understudy and back up to Chamberlain.

    Walcott may not light the world on fire but no one can tell me Hazard will do any better.

    Wilshere has shown that he can literally be the best midfielder to have ever played if he keeps progressing the way he has. He made Xavi and iniesta look like amateurs last year.

    We have no place in our team for an untested, unproven flair player whose goal/assist record is not all tat great. Even Gervinho had a better record than him in France. The premier league is one which can make falir players like Hazard look ordinary.

    Arshavin and Gervinho were both amazing talents in Russia and France but neither has adapted well to the EPL.

    Name one player from the french league who has in recent times been amazing in the EPL? Nasri is the closest thing and he only was like that for half a season.

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