Van Persie agrees terms to replace Tevez at Man City!

There is a sensational report this morning in the English newspaper The Times that says that the Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie has already agreed personal terms to join Roberto Mancini’s Man City team this summer.

Arsene Wenger said this week that no more of his players would be moving to the Etihad stadium after losing Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy last summer, but he also admitted that it all depends on whether Van Persie agrees to sign a contract extension at the Emirates.

The report goes on to say that City have agreed to make Van Persie the highest paid player in the Premiership with £210,000 a week (double what Arsenal are reported to be prepared to offer) to be funded by removing Carlos Tevez from the payroll when he moves on at the end of the season.

Roberto Mancini has already said that Man City would obviously be interested in a striker of Van Persie’s calibre, and there are skeptics that may suggest that Arsenal would not have been so keen to tie up a deal for Lukas Podolski unless they already knew that they would be cashing in on the prolific Dutchman and would need to appease the Arsenal fans very quickly when he leaves.

The big worry for Arsenal fans is that this year’s scenario with Van Persie is EXACTLY the same as Samir Nasri’s last summer when Wenger was totally adamant that he wouldn’t be leaving no matter what, but was then forced to let him go at an inflated price to City. Surely he couldn’t let it happen all over again this time around?

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33 thoughts on “Van Persie agrees terms to replace Tevez at Man City!

  1. RVP should leave if he so desires. After all football is all about winning trophies and making money and Arsenal has not provided that to him.

  2. Pls if v p s want 2 go,let in go bcos if wenger refuse him,it can cause problem 4 the team.dont 4gt 2 buy lucas podoski

  3. Only if we get Tevez and 10milliin cash!! Then we get podolski and gotze!! 3 players to replace RvP?? Then I am fine!! RVP would be injured anyway next season if he leaves arsenal.. Nobody plays better when they leave arsenal than when they were at the club.. Not even fabregas..

    1. @Damn_Gallas: You have no idea what you’re talking about. Fabregas is in the form of his life at Barca right now and he’s been playing regularly, not like some skeptics who expected him to be a bench warmer.

  4. No,he must stay and fulfill all righteousness pls he shouldn’t go like the others no matter how much paid bargain.

  5. If RVP want go, let him go, big name than RVP came and go but ARSENAL still moves’ on.

  6. These r only roumers bt if he wnt 2 leave so b it i believe Arsenal fc is bigger than anybody!

  7. arsenal should let him go afterall,football is about buying,selling and winnig trophies provided if new big players are coming.

  8. LOL this is complete BS. Robin would never join another club he respects Arsenal too much for that.

    If he leaves it would be to Italy or Spain, but lets be honest, his recent comments in various interviews suggest nothing other than the fact that he is keen to sign on.

  9. this is rubbish,robin is not a money grabber like nasri.this is just a bunch of idiots trying to stir things

  10. Just rumours and nothing more..why doesnt anyone listen to what ROBIN says?
    He loves the club, where he lives and how his children are growing up.
    It just needs Arsenal to offer him a sensible offer to seal the deal.
    If he had agreed this deal, then Arsene would know and we would start to get little feedbacks preparing us for the lets just concentrate on Newcastle shall we?

  11. Stop all this bulls**t, what a dry rumour rvp never said he was goin 2 wellcome city’s interest. He is loyal & would remain a GUNNER

  12. With the huge amount of money about, especially from Clubs owned by a “sugar daddy”, there is sadly not much loyalty about these days from top class pro footballers.
    Bearing in mind their relatively short careers, I suppose you can’t really blame them . Of course the enormous wages they receive means that money becomes secondary to the winning of silverware. 😆

  13. Although this is clearly not true, tevez played for city reserve team just the other day and is trying to build his fitness back up. I believe that if van persie does not want to sign a new contract then arsenal should get rid of him ASAP, especially while he is on form and worth more money. Get the most out of him, however we would need a mother striker. We cannot put podolski through the same pressure van persie has had this season

  14. ‘Beware of the greek & their gifts’ when wenger offers u a player like goetze/hazard,be rest assured u will lose something.Demand wisely!!!

  15. Eish! Plz dnt let it happn again we hv sin some gud playes lvng gunners so dis tym it shud be in a swipe deal btwn tevez or aguero shud replace him bcoz dey are also quite dangerous playerz in front of goal.

  16. lets not get carried here rvp hasnt said he is leaving plus these r jst unconfirmed rumuors. lets not judge rvp.

  17. ‘Nobody plays better when they leave Arsenal, not even Fabregas’. Have you been following what he’s been doing at Barcelona? He’s in the form of his life and, strangely enough, not suffering from any of the niggling injuries that kept him out of the Arsenal side last season.

  18. If this is true and RVP’s mind is made up. AW should quickly request Carlos Tevez in part exchange. Simple

  19. The scenario is NOT the same as last year. It’s a case of Sammi Who? whereas RVP will be a massive loss.

  20. Values ain`t values anymore and every player has his price.
    Sad but true. In van Persie`s case it will come down to money with a sprinkling of sentiment. Arsenal could make him play out his contract and miss out on the transfer fee or cash in. RVP meanwhile ,can accept 120K and be happy to captain Arsenal untill he retires or double it and make it his superannuation.
    Either way the music sheet starts with a pound sign not a treble clef.

  21. Look,Van persie could put all these rumours to bed by signing a new deal,but he hasn’t.Why do you think he is waiting until the end of the season?It is so he can see what offers are availiable to him from other clubs;if you believe the “i want to concentrate on football ” guff then my god how naive are you.Van persie wants to win things which is never going to happen at Arsenal with all the dross he is expected to play with.He will not be at Arsenal next season.

  22. what is the problem of you guys instead of concentrating on tonight match you are busy discussing about somebody that is going to sign for arsenal.Have confirm the news on bbc,skysports and arsenal website.

  23. i know these guy so called newspapers presenters n tv reporter,will spend most of their time close,Arsenal club to speculate rumors on Van persie, please let wait till 2013 n start talking; no more to say only to tell you,just please chill out.

  24. i would prefer leaving RVP to think of what is right for him. bt if you ask me , i say please donn’t go. we still need you “vanfire”

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