Van Persie: Arsenal should never have lost at Blackburn – Not in a million years!


The Arsenal captain Robin Van Persie has seen his team lose eight games already this season, but it was the devastating 4-3 defeat to Blackburn at Ewood Park back in September that he finds the hardest to come to terms with, even though five months have passed since then.

Van Persie said: “The game against Blackburn is a vital one in which to get our league form back on track. There’s also something we have to put right – our defeat up there in September was something that shouldn’t have happened in a million years.

“I still speak about it with the boys and in fact was talking with Mikel Arteta about it only a couple of weeks ago, because it was one of our most painful losses of the season and it still hurts to think about it.

“Blackburn are a good side, but we took the lead twice and missed clear chances before scoring two own goals and losing the game. It should never have come to that, and we don’t want to make any such mistakes this time.”

“If we play as we did in the second half against Villa and the majority of the Bolton game then I’m 100 per cent sure that we’ll do a good job and score the goals we need,” he said.

“There’s no point in looking any further than that, or thinking about consequences – we just have to play with our hearts and get the right result in each game from now on.”

Yes indeed Robin, Arsenal will need to play well for the full 90 minutes, something that hasn’t happened very often this season. Let’s see the REAL Arsenal out there today!

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