Van Persie – Arsenal’s Champions League exit was NOT a failure

The Arsenal skipper Robin Van Persie seems to be really happy with the way the Gunners played against AC Milan, and despite the fact that they had a really poor season, he doesn’t think that the UEFA Champions League missed qualification was a failure.

According to the skipper, the Gunners should be proud of themselves for making such a comeback and for playing an excellent game against such a powerful side.

“I don’t see that as a glorious failure at all. Glorious, yes – failure, NO!” he told the Sunday Sun.

“And I don’t think many people see it as a failure either. I think 99 per cent see it as a great evening of football and how brilliant it was for us to come back.

“Everyone wrote us off before the game. I am proud that we came back the way we did and made such a magnificent result.

“We had a real go and we came so very close. Yes there is a mixed emotion in the end because it was not quite enough over the two games but we shouldn’t be too disappointed.

“The way we played at the Emirates was brilliant, we played so well, we gave everything – we wanted it so badly everyone could see that. So it was a special night.”

The most important thing for Arsene Wenger and for almost every Gunner fan out there is for Robin to be happy at the club because everybody hopes he’ll accept to extend his contract which is due to expire in the summer of 2013.

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