Van Persie Flop at Euros? Not at all says Wenger!


Robin Van Persie only managed to score once for the Netherlands at the European Championships, as they meekly dropped away from the tournament without winning a single point. The Arsenal striker was critized by the Holland fans and pundits as he missed chance after chance, especially in the first game defeat by Denmark.

But Arsene Wenger personally thinks the critics are totally wrong, in fact he thinks Van Persie was the best striker in the whole competition. He said: “Robin deserves more credit than he gets in the Netherlands,”

“Robin van Persie was the best striker during the tournament. He’s much better than strikers from other countries and he’s also better than Huntelaar.”

“Van Persie makes sure that a team plays football. I’ve analysed his performances and if you watch really closely, you will see that he made some brilliant moves and runs.

“At crucial stages he didn’t get the ball. On the times he did not score with the chances he had can be put down to fatigue. But he’s the perfect striker.

“If you want to reach a really high level as a team, you must pick Van Persie. He’s an example for every striker. He’s an exceptional football player and more than just a striker.”

Well that doesn’t sound like a man that is expecting to lose his captain, unless of course he is just trying to bump up the price???

7 thoughts on “Van Persie Flop at Euros? Not at all says Wenger!

  1. Could be a price bumper.

    Could be Wenger fawning to get the new contract signed.

    “I want to thank Arsene Wenger for having belief in me and showing faith in me.” …. How many players say this?

    When my kids drew a picture that was crap I used to say the picture was great. I didn’t want to discourage them from drawing.

    With all the chances he missed, you can’t seriously think he’s the best striker in the tournament – especially since there has been great quarter final matches since and more matches to play. I would look at the German squad and think, “Which German forward would I drop for Van Persie if he was German? I can’t think of one.

    1. what point are you making?…
      Van Persie in the German national team…which of those german strikers have been top scorer in the premier league?
      he’s the best striker in the tournament, performances aside. Gomez, Torres, etc, none of them are as good as van persie. everything wenger says is very reasonable.
      maybe you just dont like wenger…

    2. Mate the German strikers were/are more effective cuz they are working TOGETHER AS A TEAM! The don’t have, or at least exhibit publicly, the egos n especially the CLIQUES as the Dutch. End of.

  2. No, that’s the sound of a man who just watched this player contribute to 50 goals last season.
    I’m Dutch and Holland were horrendous.
    The amount of times Van Persie was completely open yet Robben or Schneider took on the shot themselves and missed is ridiculous. The only goal he scored was the one he took on himself.
    As a gooner I know Van Persie needs to get a lot of chances to put one in the net, his strength is that he’s always in the right place to receive those passes. he will get goals as long as you get him the ball a lot and are always looking to play him in. Holland had too many glory hunters looking to score themselves and Van Persie didn’t get enough of the ball in the right areas.

    1. I totally agree. the dutch had too many c liques & egos to be considered a team

  3. The best striker in the tournament was Van Persie, the striker who was playing the best in the tournament was Ibrahimovic.

  4. Gomez, muller, poldy trio, which one of them could go past fabio coentrao of portugal? I’ve followed this tournament to notice that anybody trying to pass coentrao always and i repeat always gives him the ball which makes me come to the conclusion that the guy has won 90percent duel until RVP drifted to the right wing in their last match and with some little body movement he did the impossible… Secondly, which striker in this tournament has been good enough to shake of hummels who buy all standard i say he is the world best defender now but RVP did it and scored a goal against the well structured german team on free play. If you feel RVP flopped in this tournament, you are seriously mistaken because the runs he makes no other striker makes such.

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