Van Persie gives his Man-Of-The-Match award to Szczesny

Although Robin Van Persie deservedly won the Man-of-the-Match award for his two goals yesterday in Arsenal’s brilliant comeback win at Liverpool, the Dutchman thought that Wojciech Szczesny deserved the Champagne Award and handed it to him instead.

Even Arsene Wenger agreed after the game that there was nothing to choose between them. Wenger said: “We had two men of the match today, one at the back and one at the front.”

And Szczesny himself confirmed that Van Persie gave him the award. He said: “Sometimes you make a lot of saves and you end up losing the game so none of your saves matter but today I managed to help my teammates.”

“Robin gave me the champagne at the end of the game, so it was a very good day.”

It was certainly a very good day. Some Arsenal fans may even say it was better than last weeks win against Spurs as it brings us even closer to Third Place!

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12 thoughts on “Van Persie gives his Man-Of-The-Match award to Szczesny

  1. If Arsenal had played like that in the beginning, they could be running for leading of the competition…

  2. i believe in RVP judgement. He shows leaders charisma. And technically szcezsny deserve it bcos it was his saves dat lead 2winnin if nt d comeback wud ave bin resulted in level up.

  3. VP just demostrate the quality of a leader honestly he is the best captain in England right now.

    1. There is no doubt,I just wish him to continue his leadership now and 4ever.he deserved more respect,he shows d whole world his leadership which is u vantastic pepe.

  4. van persie is d best strike in d world wenger should pls make vp signe new contract and add new scrod to d team in d summer

  5. HOnest to me…and from heart..rvp always give mEeedal And champagne to other player…him muslim soo him wont drink that water…sOoo..for good captain we had~

  6. True that will make him much better. I like his performance both for his country and club. Van-Tastic is the best strike right now

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