Van Persie Thanks GPS For Injury-Free Year. Wenger Should Be More Careful!


Arsenal’s star striker Robin Van Persie is delighted about having the chance to play for a whole year without having to deal with injuries, and thanks the GPSports System which has been bought by Arsenal this season.

“I can play three matches every week and last year I did that many times.

“But sometimes, I have to take a step back as I did against Olympique Marseille in November.

“In the phase before that, I’d played a lot and from the measurement results it showed that I had to rest.

“The trainer wanted me to start the match but at the last moment decided to go along with the results of the GPS system and that was that I could play for a half hour.

“And a couple of days later against West Brom I benefited from that.”

“Ultimately, I’ve been fit now for more than a year and have played in every Premier League match.

“Because of that folk are now seeing that, after all, there is more to me than they thought.

“Of course I understand that there are still some people who are still sceptical about my injuries but when you look closely how they occurred then it’s another story.

“The conclusion is that I couldn’t have prevented them.

“That’s why it’s unfair and misplaced that they say that I was responsible but that’s how it is in the top sport.”

The system tracks every player’s performances and thus proves to be a fierce weapon for the manager and the ultimate assistant manager. Wenger will have to use it wisely in the future because recently Arsenal lost Santos due to the fatigue factor, so perhaps the Frenchman should be more careful when reading the statistics.

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