Van Persie to Barcelona? – Arsenal attacked by the media yet again


Certain media outlets are fabricating stories about Van Persie’s status at Arsenal again.

“Barcelona plan to use Cesc Fabregas to convince former Arsenal teammate Robin van Persie about a move to the Nou Camp.

The Daily Star Sunday says Barca will point out to £40million-rated Arsenal skipper Van Persie that Fabregas has already won THREE trophies since his switch from The Emirates last summer.

Van Persie’s trophy cabinet, on the other hand, is empty as Arsenal have failed for the seventh successive year to land a cup.”

This abhorrent filth is actually in circulation; and people who have weak critical thinking skills would believe it to be factual.

Why does Arsenal FC seem to be the target of more attack-minded press than praise-minded press? Why do most media outlets seem more content publishing articles which cause distress amongst Arsenal fans rather than fans of Chelsea or the Manchesters?

Understand, that this blurb goes into great depth. Not only is it a mockery of our team, but it is a mockery of a still loyal Arsenal supporter and previous squad member, Cesc Fabregas; who by the way, left with Arsene Wenger’s blessing.

Whenever garbage like this is being inserted into the minds of the public, there needs to be someone to highlight it, point a large finger of complete disgust at it, and opposition to its unethical trespass.



8 thoughts on “Van Persie to Barcelona? – Arsenal attacked by the media yet again

  1. I am a fan of Arsenal, also I like Robin I want him win trophy, so Unless othrwise wenger buy top rated players I understand him even if he decided to leave Arsenal.

  2. I think v.p. Knows ao painfl it wl b on d mind of d fans and likewise, in d man (wenger) who enthrusted more patience and faith in him during his injury era. I lv VP and like him playing for us for a long. If he does leave…Arsenal ll stl fly high. GUNNER TILL I DIE!!!

  3. @kanai: u’re a fool. Playing hard with nothing to show for it or playing cool with trophies to show for it. were you a player, which would you prefer?. I’m an ardent arsenal fan but to be honest, when vp plays with players like ramsey, djorou, inconsistent walcott, injury stricken diaby, squillaci, alumnia, chamack and co under a very parsimonious manager, not hungry for trophies but satisfied with champion’s league qualification slot,,, he just have to move on. Wenger can make him stay by buying quality players to bolster our great club but anything short of that, vp should move on.

  4. ardent arsenal fan **i’m laughing** would allowing the star player leave solve the problem of your ‘ardently’ beloved club?

  5. No matter the mind game of the media,Arsenal will remain the best team in London by winning 3rd place in EPL this season.

  6. @Akin Akanji
    then what does that bring to us?
    Have you ever watch arsenal match in public place where they will ask you what you win with your 3rd place. Arsenal remain my favourite team no other team but arsenal but with what wenger is doing currently i still say thank you because gazidi who will challenge him gave him go ahead.

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