Vermaelen and Rosicky join Arsenal injury list


Arsene Wenger happily saw the return of Laurent Koscielny to the Arsenal line-up just in time for the fantastic win against Tottenham yesterday, but as usual that has been balanced out by yet another injury to an important defender, in fat arguably THE most important defender; Thomas Vermaelen.

The Gunners centre-back got injured in the challenge that saw Scott Parker given his marching orders near the end of yesterday’s match, and also Thomas Rosicky has also suffered after giving a masterful performance in midfield.

Wenger said after the game that neither of them are likely to be fit to face Liverpool at Anfield next Saturday. He said: “Unfortunately we had some bad news for Rosicky today, and Vermaelen as well. Vermaelen has an ankle problem, and Rosicky a back problem. I don’t think they will be available for Wednesday, whether they are available for Saturday is a big doubt.”

I’m sure Arsenal can still manage to beat Liverpool without these two, as they will simply score many more goals than Liverpool!

15 thoughts on “Vermaelen and Rosicky join Arsenal injury list

  1. it’s time 4 winger to go off arsenal i’m tied of this yong lad that can help us.

  2. I think Wenger is doing a Mourinho here in order to prevent them from joining their national teams in midweek. (I’m hoping so at least, lol)

  3. I have a question…why can’t arsenal play three straight matches without havin any injury problem, i mean this sucks because it has caused us loosin most matches…Tak a look @ coquelin against sunderland, mertasacker against sunderland, sagna against spurs. etc i mean are we caused?

    1. one of the reasons our players are injured so much is because they train far more than they actually play. take coquelin, he has only played the equivalent of 6 matches this season in terms of minutes. for player of his age that is simply not enough. he needs to be getting used to the rigours of 90 minutes football, he has not played that at all this season.

      when you have 70 odd players and only 3 teams to fit them into what do you expect? far too much quantity and not enough quality!!

      1. I dont think what you are mentioning is right… The main issue seems to be the diet they are on. As for Coquelin had a season quite full with 25 appearance for loaned club lorient during 2010 2011 plus 12 game for national team that makes a hefty run for a boy of this age, especially since he did not have the possibility to attend to the summer preperation since he went on the under 20 world cup to finish 4th spot (the year eralier he won the euro under 19). So i guess coquelin is not the right example . We are half season and he already played 15 times

  4. Injury is arsenal’s major problem,it will be difficult without those two against kidneypool.

  5. wenger get it right,wen he av 2 solid playerfor a position dia will be competion like ramsey dat will be behaving as if he has arruved and som average player lik scollachi,jouru,chamak,wake to reality unelse leave enough of miseric attitude wenger.

  6. The season all AFC players will be fit, they’ll certainly win titles once again. One’s tired of these frequent injuries.

  7. I don’t know why injury is becoming arsenal’s tradition. Is arsenal’s doctors competent enough at all?

  8. Wow, some of you are idiots. Do you realize what you are typing?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this keeps them off their International team, hopefully they are back because they both showed a good fire in their belly to win that game. Either way I believe we have solid replacements to fill the roles they will leave behind. My only concern is with RVP, hopefully he doesn’t play vs. UK. Rest of the lads should be rested or not played if I am correct.

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