Vermaelen happy to be vice-captain at Arsenal – Is he expecting a promotion soon?


Thomas Vermaelen was appointed vice-captain to Robin Van Persie when Fabregas left Arsenal last summer, and he obviously enjoys the responsibility. Of course there are many Gooners fully expecting him to be prmoted IF Van Persie leaves in the next couple of months and it sounds like his keen on the idea.

Vermaelen said: “When the boss made me vice-captain it made me proud,”

“I am really happy to be vice-captain of such a big club like Arsenal.

“I feel the responsibility to help the captain in his role as well, and of course that means the Club and the boss give you a lot of confidence.”

“If the chemistry is right off the pitch then I think you see that on it too,” the centre back said. “It is really important that you have a happy dressing room and that the players are always happy to come to the Club and get along with each other.

“It means you will work hard for your team-mate because you get along with each other.

“I know the Dutch like to be straight with each other and tell people what they think and that is important.

“If you can tell your team-mate what is going wrong and they accept it, that means something is going well in the team. If he can’t accept it then that is not good. To say what you think to other players is really important.”

He is obviously the top candidate to take over if BVan Persie leaves, but is it the poisoned chalice? Will he be leaving next summer if he promoted to being Arsenal captain?

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