Arsenal’s star defender Thomas Vermaelen declared that he’s fed up with playing on the left-back being forced to do that ever since Santos got injured.

The former Ajax man who is one of the best center-back’s in the league fears that he can’t fulfill his potential playing on the fest side and sates that he prefers to be used in the center after having to play on the left for so long.

“I am fed up playing at left-back,” the 26-year-old Belgian is quoted as saying by The People.

“I don’t think I am good there – I want to achieve my highest level and I can’t do that on the left.

“I play there to help the team but it gives me no satisfaction as I can’t reach my best standard.

“I do my job but seldom feel content after matches. If the team wins I am happy, but it remains frustrating.”

“I’m not happy about it,” said Vermaelen,

“I was proud to wear the armband.”

Vermaelen was close to score again in the match against Sunderland as he did so many times before for the Gunners. With Gibbs now available his time on the left side is close to an end so Thomas doesn’t have to worry about that anymore hopefully…

14 thoughts on “Vermaelen Is Fed Up At Arsenal!

  1. My friend just play there till santos come back ,cause we in title chase now and gibbs cannot play more than you do,so just help till santos come back

  2. Please do not use such a sensationalist headline. He is not fed-up at Arsenal. We all know he hates playing at left-back & it is fair if he feels frustrated as that is not his best playing position. Well, now that BFG is injured, it should mean he goes back in the centre & Gibbs resumes at LB

  3. I do not see anywhere in the inyerview where it staes he is fed up at arsenal! he.said fed up with playing left back. but lets be totally hones his manager at ajax preferred him there. his manager at belgium prefers him there and now he is proving to be one of the best left bacls in the premier league. i am afraid because of his height his injury record and his inability to command the box he will never be the best centre back in the epl. but with only the ageing evra and cole ahead of him vermaelen should recognise his position and the fact that managers prefer other players at centre back. he will not win back the captains armband of belgium playing centre back quite simply because kompany vertonghen and in the belgian managers opinion van buyten are better than him.

  4. yeah, I believe we all can see that. He’s a great defender and his best position is CB but the thing is, he’s the only capable defender that can fill that LB role. Hopefully santos can return asap so that he can replace mertesacker at the back. Mertesacker has made great saves but his blunders really cost us to concede goals. Koscielny, surprisingly has been exceptionally good this season.

  5. Stupid and deliberately provocative headline, as usual a silly blogger trying to be clever. If, and its a big if bearing in mind the source of the so called quotes, the story is true, where does he say he is fed up with Arsenal? He is unhappy at having to play left back, a big difference.

  6. le cock can fill @ left back and TV5 resume his centre back position while metselker is injured n gibbs stil ain gained full fitness

  7. A versatile player should be ready and willing to play in any position according to the club’s needs. TV5 should just focus on his game.

  8. I feel for him but he should know that it is just a matter of time. With Gibbs back and Santos coming back, he will start to play his main role of CB.

    His combination with Kos in CB will be good enough to handicap AC Milan’s attacking threat on Wednesday.

  9. TV5 is one of the best players we have……holding player in central midfield is his best position, although as a centre back he is by far the best we have.

  10. Where in anything that Vermalen said there, did it state that he was fed up at arsenal…? He said I am fed up playing on the left. That is all…attention grabbing with those headlines mate…poor form!

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