Vermaelen is the defensive leader that Arsenal needed

The Verminator has been an essential part of the Arsenal backline since 2009. He had a great start, netting 8 goals for the gunners in his debut season in the premier league and tightening up the shaky Arsenal defence. This has led to Vermaelen gaining the respect from his fellow Arsenal and international colleagues. Vermaelen has earned the reputation of being one of the most solid centre half in the Premier league and was named skipper for Belgium at that time. It was also worthy to note that Vermaelen made the PFA team of the season in his first year at Arsenal.

His second season though was a disappointing and disastrous one. Out with injury, Vermaelen watched helplessly as Arsenal finish yet another season trophyless. Determined to help Arsenal back to the highest level, Vermaelen signed a contract extension with Arsenal recently, further showing his undying loyalty and commitment to the club.

Now that TV5 is back, he is now looked upon as the defensive leader of the team. He takes leadership when defending for Arsenal now, guiding the inexperienced backline of Arsenal, adding steel to the backline. He is also a great attacker for the team, already finding the back of the net twice this season.

The best part of Vermaelen’s game would be that he is an aggressive defender. He takes charge of the defence. He has the pace to keep up with quick players and he can bring Mertesacker’s game to a whole new dimension. Mertesacker reads the game well but is a little slower, so he needs his center half partner to be the aggressor while he does what he does best. Thomas Vermaelen fits the bill of an aggressive defender and I feel he will form a great partnership with Mertesacker.

Being one of the most solid defenders in the league, Vermaelen can bring the level of the Arsenal backline up. There is also a good chance Vermaelen would reduce the endless nerves in Arsenal fans during a set piece. That’s how good this guy is.

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